Tony Parson’s Man and Wife

Man and Boy was excellent. The book was an extremely enjoyable read and i found myself tearing at many junctures. The book in a nutshell, was the story of Harry- successful and blessed with a gorgeous wife and an adorable son, but who unfortunately and stupidly threw all that away for a night of cheap passion. Man and Boy was basically about how Harry coped when his wife left him, how he became a real parent to his little boy and how he mended his own relationship with his father. The book was witty, touching and gave many meaningful insights into the psyche of men.  

I was looking forward to Man and Wife which is of course a sequel to Man and Boy. Harry has remarried and now has a step-daughter. Tony Parson got either complacent or lazy and therefore repeated his previous winning formula- another woman stumbles into Harry’s life, he cheats again and then struggles with all the consequences. He continues learning to be a good father, not just to his son but now also to his rather spoilt step-daughter. The book is a huge yawn and comes across as being corny. Harry was likeable in the first book but now he is plain pathetic and irritating. I must confess, i hated Man and Wife so much that I really didn’t bother to read every single page carefully.

This is something that i would recommend only for the very bored. Go get Man and Boy- you will laugh, cry, be provoked into jotting down beautiful quotes and at the same time, see all things to do with relationships from a fresh (ok male) perspective. Give Man and Wife a miss.


2 responses to “Tony Parson’s Man and Wife

  1. totally agree. in fact you can give THE REST OF his books a miss. I gave him, like 2 or 3 chances, but he blew them all. haha.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    thanks for that info!
    wun need to waste more time!:p

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