My Guilty Pleasures

First up, Adam Sandler=) Words can’t describe how much i actually love him. Admitting to liking Adam Sandler is rather uncool and so not intellectual- it is like telling the world that you secretly enjoy listening to Britney. But there you have my confession, i think Adam Sandler is darn adorable=)) I have loved him in nearly all his silly or trying-to-be-serious-but-still-silly films.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan is an Adam Sandler vehicle, with the funny man starring as Zohan, an Israeli counter-terrorist with an impenetrable body. Underneath his macho image (bushy and impressive male organ included) however, Zohan secretly yearns to be a hair stylist and to, in his accent-laden words, make people “smooth and silky”. The pretty and sweet Emmaneulle Chriqui is the requisite love interest, her Palestinian lineage posing grave obstacles to their budding love.

The story is predictably crappy- think lots of sexual innuendoes, sexual acts, sexual parts, ok you get the drift. But it is definitely hilarious and rather heartwarming in its own way.  It somewhat tries to be a political satire on the Middle-Eastern conflict but that really didn’t work out very well. Overall, this is a DUMB show but if you, like me, are a closet Sandler fan, you will enjoy his portrayal of Zohan- plenty of energy and big on likeability.

Moving on from the very hairy Zohan to four pubes-averse women, I am gonna talk about SATC the movie. Now now, this is strictly for the fans cos’ this film is like an extended television episode. In fact, i am inclined to say that it is a passable but rather long-winded episode and there were several moments when i just wished with all my heart that i could fast-forward the film. The worst thing is that i am just not into Mr Big and there is so much of him in the film you couldn’t have missed him even if you tried. Let me clarify that the problem doesn’t lie with Mr Big, it lies with Chris Noth. I mean i find Mr Big attractive in a bad-ass way but Chris Noth has such stiff facial expressions! Still, if you, like me, are a fan of SATC, you will love the characters, the witty easy conversations, the strong female camaraderie and the extremely valuable insights into men and women. A tad belated, but welcome back ladies:p


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