I have been gazing at films. I am using the word “gazing” cos’ i have been literally just seeing scenes unfold in front of me. My heart, brain, soul weren’t interacting with the films and i wonder if i was even really in the theatre. Movie-watching, for the two latest occasions, have been entirely passive.

I do not know if this lack of involvement is due to my own exhausted state of mind or if these movies were bad. I think it is more the former.

Deception was about er..deception. There were big names featured- the dishy Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, the amazingly tiny but luminous Michelle Williams and Maggie Q. It was a straightforward thriller that was frightening at certain points in time, but definitely not intriguing enough to get my full attention. In other words, it wasn’t very good at all. I even found the plot a little dumb on the whole so it was pretty much a big waste of talent because McGregor and Williams were excellent.

Wanted was quite the opposite and is something i would not mind revisiting when i am feeling more alert. My mind was once again away half the time so i am incapable of discussing the plot. Still, despite the fact that i was quite determinedly not attentive, the movie drew me in at certain points in time. Two thumbs up for that=). I unwillingly enjoyed the uber-cool training process and the gruelling fight sequences. I have always liked parts of films which show how silly and previously unskilled people become gongful experts- think Nikita here. Plot aside, Angelina Jolie needs to put on much more weight, she is looking frighfully skeletal.

Utter waste of money. Note to myself:  I shall not watch another film until i wake up from my stupor.


2 responses to “Deception/Wanted

  1. Nadia Bradwell

    I really enjoyed Deception it had potential wasn’t the best thriller I have seen but enjoyed it. Especially Ewan Mcgregor’s acting, although the whole cast were pretty good.

    Wanted not my kind of movie just too many of them like that, but a lot of action. I didn’t like the hero much.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    different things appeal to different pple i guess=)

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