My kiddo is flirting with me!

Haha…today, a kiddo from the very first batch i taught came back for a visit.

He has always been glib, but now that he is older/drives a car/about to embark on a university course which would make him my junior/grown some muscles, he has developed into a shameless flirt.

“You seemed fitter now! Army has done you good!”

 “Cher, of course la… you wanna touch my muscles? I trained especially to come back for you k”

“Cher, wanna go for a spin in my car? You would be the first woman to sit in the seat next to me!”

“Cher, come out lah. Lets go for a date now that i am no longer your student..finally.

He was very obviously joking but it was kinda sweet to see him all grown up and back to say hello to me (and rather fun and hilarious to do a little return-flirting haha). Therein sometimes lies the joy of being a pseudo-mother/nurturer/nanny=)


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