This impassioned plea goes out to….

the selfish teenagers (and prob some adults) out there who insist on blasting their music at full volume using their handphones, ipods, whatever!

Please spare me the agony of listening to your musical preferences, and please stop imposing your usually-not-so-good taste on my sensitive ear drums. Public transport is already noisy enough as it is- there is absolutely no need for you to add to the fray. Just do me and the whole of sane and civilised Singapore a favour and invest in a pair of headphones.

Today, this terribly loud source of music started blaring in the crowded train. People were looking around, with disapproving looks. Ang-mohs particularly looked offended. No idea who that idiot was, but i sure hope your musical weapon of killing dies like TONIGHT.

Haha..ok enuff of me sounding pissed (but i am!)..

The weekend was spent attending a band concert and enjoying farewell dinner treats…thank you=) the last two days were spent at my former employers. Yeah, i know i have quit but i still have marking to clear and kiddos’ bdaes to celebrate! The good thing was that i started after 9am on both days=) Went to visit a hospitalized colleague on Mon, followed by a simple dinner at Sakae…dear, i hope you are feeling better!

Today was the first day i spent resting…watching anime, chatting, doing household chores, getting a wax, a pedicure and breathing in the air surrouding raffles city on a rare weekday noon out. Bliss… though i can’t imagine doing this for long. Everyone keeps asking me: “Why don’t you take a longer break?”. I can’t la, I can’t stand being unoccupied.

I am looking forward to tomorrow! It will be my first solo get-away. I hope i do not bore myself to death.


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