I need the blessings of Lady Luck

Today was my very last day…went back for Nday Celebrations, on the invitation of the kiddos. As i bumped into my colleagues, my little ones, as i said hi, gave hugs, as i gazed upon the soccer team playing on that oh-so-familiar field…i felt a great sense of loss.

Visited a class blog…and saw a post dedicated to me.

…u’re also a mentor…taught us beyond textbooks…knowing that we are flesh and blood and not studying machines. Yet, your focus…has never wavered and have led us in our mugger cause. …all in such a small package… glittering, inspiring…

The heart aches. I really do believe i am not leaving for greener pastures- life as a PR officer, in an agency no less, is probably far more hectic and the people are likely to be more complex. It was very tough, but since i have made my choice, i am, for better or worse, going to try my best. After all, like what i have always told my kiddos, i want to live life knowing i have tried the alternatives and have picked the best. I will work very hard and i hope all of you will too.

I am still confused. I am crossing my fingers and wishing for the outcome that i think i really want. Until i know what i want and until I am able to handle the consequences of doing what i need to do to get what i want, i am going to play it very cool and sweet, relax, enjoy myself, take good care, practice caution, patience and prudence, and keep my expectations very very low.

Lady luck, please be with me… 


2 responses to “I need the blessings of Lady Luck

  1. nothing’s for certain when u step out into the unknown, yet sounds weird but true, i am very proud to be ur fren, to have seen that u’ve impacted the lives of many, gave ur love to many, and gather courage to do something entirely different.. no matter the outcome, let’s just say tat there’s no wrong or right decision here, just a desire to live life to the fullest, jiayou ba 🙂 With love..

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hey girl,
    thanks so much-)
    that little bit of encouragement is very much needed, esp from you:)

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