My first two days

Nothing much happened really haha..still in the Orientation phase.

But there is a lot to be getting used to..working in town for one is an experience on its own. Damn the crowded trains and the jostling people! Looking up and only seeing 4 other employees is rather queer… being surrounded by tall well-dressed gorgeous women makes me quite happy although i am clearly the shortest and ugliest of them all hehe.  

I miss school like hell…so much so i felt almost close to tears this afternoon while typing stuff on the computer. I think my prob is simple- too many changes, all at one time, and i haven’t given myself the time to adjust.

Still, i will try my best. Live out my own mantra. Be strong gal!


5 responses to “My first two days

  1. yes you can do it! *hugs*

  2. You will do fine…. meet up soon yar!

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    Thanks babes!
    I am fine la..jus that from stable everything become unstable everything..but i asked for it haha.
    Yan- hope u r feeling much better!!

  4. i m! *keeping fingers crossed* I am thinking we can meet up… prob in sept? haha…. sch hols… but only applies to me now

  5. aserendipitiouslife

    Can lar..anytime during weekend…!=)

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