Touch and go

In the past couple of weeks, i have watched a bout of great films. I would really love to go into my usual long reviews..but i have been way too bogged down by too much stuff. So a quick touch-&-go would have to suffice:p

First up, the Dark Knight. Heath Ledger was the highlight of the entire film, and nope, the rave reviews about his maniacal, twisted portrayal of the Joker were neither an exaggeration nor a sudden posthumous hypocritical gush of praises. He was excellent. The film featured good acting on the whole, a drool-worthy Christian Bale and an interesting darker plot. My only grouse is that I did find it a tad too long.


Hellboy II: The Golden Army proved to me once and for all that Guillermo Del Toro must be my favourite director. No doubt about that. I didn’t watch the first installment of Hellboy and went to the cinema with nil expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised- the film was action-packed and backed with a nice mythical/fantasy story line, witty dialogue and cute acting…To tell the truth, i enjoyed it even more than the Dark Knight, which is saying quite a bit.


Watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth made me feel like a ten-year-old watching Jurassic Park+Beetle Juice+Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It was that fun=) The sort of movie which you watch gripping the arm seats, laughing, screaming shrilly (i am terrified of Giant Venus Fly Traps which devour humans, plants with long stalks which strangle humans, weird creatures that tear humans apart, cliffs which give way and cause humans to fall into never ending depths..ok you get the drift), covering your eyes, being totally absorbed and then walking out of the theatre feeling extremely happy and excited without a single ounce of your brain being taxed. Brendan Fraser is not my cuppa tea, but i have got to give it to him. The third time i have seen him as a clumsy hero, and he’s still rather good to watch. 


And i am proud of Singaporean Lian Pek’s documentary Mad About English. This film basically follows the lives of a few people caught up in the lets-learn-English-before-the-Olympics-so-we-can-serve-China craze. Their valiant efforts to master a new language were at times silly, at times plain dumb and ridiculous, but mostly very inspiring, heartwarming and funny. The Chinese scare me with their frenzied perserverance.

On a totally different note, kiddos are still making it hard for me. They emailed. One chap detailed an entire dialogue between student K and the new replacement to illustrate how boring the class found her. Another girl wrote a list of things she missed about me. I am overwhelmed by their affection, but gosh, you don’t know how difficult it is to move on, especially with kids holding on. Ouch. Work has been ok i guess…other than the one time i almost felt close to tearing, i have been tolerating the urge to tear quite well. Now..i just hope they will stop replaying the CDs non-stop.


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