Of mothers, fathers & the perennial baby woes

Flipped through ST today.

Working mothers will get double the subsidies for childcare centres

More leave

More baby bonus

More protection for pregnant women against discrimination in the workplace

It is kinda irritating to flip the papers and see all these More, More, More headlines. I am not belittling the problem here. I know we have an ageing population. I know all about the dependency ratio. I know i belong into the category of sinners Singaporeans who are woefully unmarried and not contributing to the baby count. And i know that governments of developed nations all over the world are working themselves into a frenzy over the sore lack of supply of little ones to meet the overwhelming demands of the old ones and the gloomy economy.  But must they repeat the same message across different articles? Will that really drill in the make-more-babies message? And really, must i read articles about men complaining they do not get more paternity leave?

I also do not understand why I am feeling a wee bit annoyed. I mean, nothing to do with me. And if i am annoyed, why did i bother reading? It’s just like my newly crowned Majesty going in a rather shrill voice complete with buey song face and an ah-lian tone: “Huh? I don’t understand. What has it got to do with you? Huh? Why?”

Tsk tsk. I ask for it. That is another little discovery i’ve made about myself- ‘Asking for it’ is an innate trait of mine=)


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