Facts of life that women can’t accept

Was telling E about how a acquaintance was still seeing her ex-boyfriend on a “casual” basis. They have already broken up for some time, but still see each other once every couple of weeks. The ex would always hold her hands/hug her/be real attentive during the date but just simply refused to give her any form of commitment. She is still in love with him and thinks that he loves her but that he needs “more time” and so she needs to be “patient”.

E: “When a guy doesn’t want to commit, he just thinks there are better girls out there.”

Me: “Huh? But why would he ask her out?”

E: “Cos he enjoys her company and cos he is bored? Probably finds her attractive enough? or that it is just so easy to go back to her when he is bored cos she is always there?”

Me (rather hopeful): “Well, with all that physical intimacy, there could be some remnants of feelings? a connection?”

E (cruelly bursts my bubble): “Yeah, a carnal connection.”

E (in an absolute tone): “He doesn’t think she’s good enough lahz.”

Ouch. Ouch. Women and jerks. We hate em’ but can’t seem to live without em’.


2 responses to “Facts of life that women can’t accept

  1. oh, I do agree with ur friend E

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    He’s probably right…but there is this little part of me, that ..thinks… maybe, juz maybe?

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