Wake up and smell…the thorns.

The last two weeks, in certain ways, have been unbelievably good.

This week– it is just a loup thup! back onto planet earth.

But i thank god for G.

May us both wake up, find strength in each other, and be able to do the things we said we are supposed to do.

Will today be a good one? How about next week?

We thrive on stability but strive to be unpredictable.

They thrive on unpredictability and strive to be unattainable.

We all want to hit the jackpot, but jackpot strikes only once in a million years.


2 responses to “Wake up and smell…the thorns.

  1. WHO is “G”?????

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    FEMALE LAR!!hahaha

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