Laneige, Song Hye Gyo & Hyun Bin

This is my favourite…amazing moisturizing abilities in a packaging that screams “Moisture”!

The new Laneige spokesperson Song Hye Gyo. I don’t care for the slicked-to-the-side wet hair or the long tear-drop earrings. But i do find her gorgeous. That oval face, those wide peepers, the straight nose, the full lips and of course, the perfect skin– *repeats to myself* using laneige will make me look like her

And on a totally separate (well, almost) issue, hyun bin, whom i really really loved in My Name is Kim Sam Soon is going to star in a series with Song Hye Gyo. And in the words of my xiaomeis- Can’t wait!

This frivolous post is inspired by 2 whole days of conversations revolving around cosmetics and skin care. I  don’t mind a day like that..or two…but i sure hope we can change the topic by next week!


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