Men and emotions

When a woman exerts pressure, or gets too emotional, men back off.

When a woman plays hard to get, men get drawn in.

What does a woman do to reverse the situation when she has already displayed too much emotions and pressure for the man to bear?

Answer: Nothing. Just wait and if nothing comes out of it, too bad. Timing dear, timing.

The above is a conversation that took place in office. All these mind games are terribly tiring in my opinion. Lets put it this way– if the guy is really into you, everything will feel a lot easier. If on the other hand, the guy is just out for a fling– everything will go wrong. If you are too warm, he gets afraid you would want to marry him immediately, tie him to a bed, force him to have 100 babies with you. If you are too cold, he loses interest. But i do agree with the solution offered in the earlier example- if you have already frightened the hell out of him with your talk of the “future”, there is really nothing you can do except to lay off for a while and see how things proceed. But then again, if he is fearful of your “future” together, you might want to think twice.

Easier said when you are an outsider though. Love turns the smartest people into retards.


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