Today, i bade farewell (yes, i seem to be bidding farewells to a lot of stuff this year) to an old blog i kept for the past two years.

I really loved that blog. I might not have used it frequently, no one might know about it, but it was there, keeping me company for my deepest fears and secrets.

It could really let me down at times- lots of technical errors, lots of times where it bailed out when i most needed it.

Still, i loved it because it gave me a sense of comfort, and because, although the harshest things have been written, many beautiful memories were also etched firmly on its pages.

I really can’t bear to give it up. But i must. For my sanity.

I was told to simply delete it. I thought i could, then i realised how soft-hearted i am. I wanted it to end with love, smiles and peace. So i did the next best thing: I pretended to smile, pretended it was ok, hid the tears, acted like it was a happy ending, took all the blame, and deleted it. I realised how much sh** i can actually take, thats how some think i dun mind anything.

And you know what? That is the ending that i think i can take best. I am Miss Congeniality, tried to be a bitch but failed.  

Adieu, blog. It’s time to move on. Stop weeping, start living.


2 responses to “Adieu

  1. wanwan, lately u sound really down… hope u are ok.. anyway, if my sis gave birth this week, I might not be able to meet you guys on sunday….

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    i’ll be…i hope=)

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