In a good mood=)

These two days have been great for a couple of reasons.

1) Work is really busy, but i have been focused and things are rather..interesting now that i see the scheming behind every action haha. I know this makes me sound sick, but i enjoy feeling occupied. It makes me feel that deliverables have been achieved. Tsk tsk. Look at what my new Majesty has done to me!

2) I’ve been disciplined, and sticking to what i have set out to all aspects, really. It is still too early to celebrate, seeing that i am only at Day 2. But still, i m gonna try my best to stir those pangs=) I’m confident though, and confidence is half the battle won:p

3) Monday’s movie was a good dose of cheery fun and i finally got my pair of black killer stilettos. That’s one thing taken off my ever-lengthening shopping list.

4) Today’s swim was relaxing. No words can describe how much i like just soaking in the water, and staring up at the night sky. When i run, i feel high..when the wind is in my hair, when i am fully aware of my movements..and when my limbs just move like they are on auto-pilot mode and i feel myself sweeping through the air. Today..for the first time in 27 years, i felt myself gliding in the water and boy, does it feel invigorating.

This week is gonna be fully least until Friday. I have got a school dinner tomorrow (which i am really looking forward to), dinner with my kiddos on Thurs, and a girls’ night out on Fri.

Note to self: find time to do the laundry and transfer the money!!


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