High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3 shattered the illusions/misconceptions of a HSM virgin.

1) My students have repeatedly, in the breathless enthusiasm of 17-year-olds, told me that Zac Efron is the coolest man to have appeared on Earth and that he would take my breath away with his beautiful face. They told me that Vanessa Hudgens is the sweetest angel alive and that Ashley Tidale was sexy. Something is wrong with my kids. Efron looks like the male version of Nicole Kidman in Stepford Wives. His famous blue eyes scare me- he looks spaced-out half the time and his nose is crooked. Hudgens looks really sweet when she smiles, but when she doesn’t, she reminds me of Shrek. She is also stocky and a check using trusty celebheights.com puts her at 1.56m. Tidale is er.. no comments. Now, they are definitely not ugly and definitely way more attractive than i can ever be, but it is a stretch to say they are the best lookers ever.

2) Despite his alien looks, Zac Efron is full of youthful passion and has a really hot bod. He is also a great dancer and acts like he can play basketball. So haha, yes, i am won over. On the record, i think he’s cute.

3) I have avoided all HSM stuff simply because i found the whole thing childish and ridiculous. I have, however, been converted to a HSM fan. I *blush* enjoyed the film very much=). Efron and Hudgens are so loving together, and rather than getting turned off by the saccharine display of affection, i found myself smiling in glee, basking in the sweet innocent love of 18-year-olds. The cast is powered by extra-strength Energizer batteries and there is so much energy, you can’t help but bounce along to the happy beats. The choreography, the songs, the props- everything was fun, bright and quite perfect. It was like watching a very good, albeit frivolous, musical up close and personal. I especially loved the “The Boys Are Back” sequence which reminded me of a cross between a fast-and-furious mtv and Thriller. The concluding act was worthy of Singapore’s National Day Parade. 

So all in all, it was worth my 7 bucks. Would i watch another HSM film? I would think…nah. I really think there is no way i would still be surprised by another HSM film revolving around the same theme, same cast, same idea. But..it might be too early to say. Haha- i might be proven pleasantly wrong twice.


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