Am I sexy or what?

I have laryngitis.

It sounds really cool, only that it means my voice-box is inflamed and I am on medical leave (I digress, but what does MC stand for? medical certificate? Why do we go “I am on MC” then? It is grammatically nonsensical?) for two days. Nothing to be cheery about as I am currently on probation- going on medical leave equates to the opportunity cost of unpaid leave plus footing my own medical bils.

I sound like a really bad-quality remix of Darth Vader on a bad day and a croaking old man on a good day.

Sexy? Nah..

Just greet serendipity, the new careless careful whisperer of Singapore. Singapore Idol, here i come!!

Updates: And while i am free, i decided to revamp the site! I am pretty proud of the sunflower k. It looks simple but it demanded photoshop- the magnetic lasso and the rubber stamp before it looked pretty! haha


4 responses to “Am I sexy or what?

  1. Hope wanwan gets better!! nwaes sounds like things are picking up for u! meeting up soon right? haha… mama yan now getting fatter and rounder!!! boo!!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    yes! this sunday=) Haha..i would love to see you and the new boobies muahaha!
    *slaps* thats all i ever think about :p

  3. Haha..darth vader! funny:p
    Hope u get well soon and regain your sweet voice!

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    almost back!! haha
    thanks =)

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