My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

While I was in the midst of croaking and wiping mucus flowing at a rate of 1ml/s, I found time to re-watch a few precious episodes of My Lovely Kim Sam Soon.In a previous entry, I wrote that I generally detest K-dramas, with a few exceptions. ( My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (KSS) ranks numero uno alongside Fantasy Couple- it belongs to the category of serials i can re-watch umpteen times and still find every moment enjoyable.

KSS represented many firsts for me=) It was the first Korean drama that was fast-paced and interesting. The plot developed quickly- lots of things happened, and there were so many characters each with their own little story, that I was never once bored. Screen time was allocated efficiently so every character and sub-theme was fleshed out thoroughly. For the first time, Korean dramas could be funny, romantic yet tear-inducing. Unlike Fantasy Couple, which was pretty much laugh-a-minute all the way, KSS had plenty of touching material (Heart-broken male lead? Check. Mute little girl? Check. Cancer-stricken beauty? Check. Plump woman perpetually unlucky in love? Check. You get the drift). The director, besides being a time-master, was also adept at balancing humor and romance with sorrow. The end result: an excellent serial which will tug at your heart-string and tickle your funny bone.

KSS also represented the first time i saw Korean passion. No virginal characters here. It was also the first time I realised that Koreans are not two-dimensional angels or baddies, but they were, like you and me, flawed. Characters were big on likeability, thanks to the outstanding cast who seemed like they were really enjoying themselves. KSS made me discover Korean beauty. I have always found Korean hunks frightfully girly but Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney took my breath away. Hyun Bin (left) has this killer-combo of boyishness and masculinity and those dimples..aww. Daniel is hot lahz, period.

Jeong Ryeo Won, in the supporting role, is different from the cookie-cutter Korean actress- pretty in a fresh-faced, smiley, edgy-stylish sorta way. I like her: )

Another first- I loved the soundtrack from Clazziquai and yes, that was the first Korean OST I ever downloaded.

I am not going to go into details about the plot since it is afterall, a rather old serial and was at its peak, very popular. Here’s a link to a fan video I quite like.

My only grouse is Sam Soon. I know this serial made a lot of women in the world happy- for once, the female lead was well into her 30s, plump, not-so-attractive and  had not just one but two men fighting over her. I have nothing against such a female lead and I applaud the director’s goal of giving women all over the world hope of snogging Hyun Bin but I am sick and tired of how stereotypes of the overweight are perpetuated over and over- Sam Soon could be plump, but if she was poised, confident, intelligent, i see no reason why she cannot be attractive. The problem is that SS was plump, gluttony, had very little self-control, and was irritating and desperate. Her only redeeming qualities were her culinary skills and her naivety (whch to me, isn’t much of a virtue either). As a viewer, you feel that your intelligence has been undermined- how could you believe? Therefore, the romance between Hyun Bin and SS never quite got me interested.

Thankfully, everything else was perfect=) Kim Sun Ah was terrific as KSS, bringing out the character’s klutzy nature, there was chemistry between Hyun Bin and her, and enough time was given for their relationship to develop. I wasn’t too convinced, but it was enough to make me shut up and enjoy the humor of their banter and the antics of the other characters.

For those interested in catching KSS on youtube with English subtitles, here goes:


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