The musky smell of books

If there are two items in the world i can’t resist,

they must be shoes…and books.

For the entire day, i just couldn’t wait to get out of the office, take the train and immerse myself in the endless shelves of books in Kinokuniya (@ Orchard. Bugis doesn’t quite do it for me). To give you an inkling of how excited books make me, my first stop in New York was…tada!.. the New York State Library. As I was typing yet another memo in the office today, memories of the huge, majestic shelves, the old sturdy ladders leading to the topmost shelf and of course, the musky smell of books flooded my senses.

Ok I exaggerate:p

Still. two hours in Kino and I’m five books richer, $146 poorer and infinitely more satisfied & inspired. Considering my bad throat, I am looking forward to nestling at home tomorrow, burying myself in my new purchases=)

Now, where is that huge walk-in shoe closet so I can lose myself in the smell of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos??!!


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