Just look at this. Little South Korean tots in the cutest attire forming a human tiered cake, all in the name of charity. How cute can they get?? How to resist digging deep into your pockets?? *melts*

Quite a bit more resistible is this very unbelievably expensive but pretty book. The handmade tome chronicling the life and work of Michaelangelo costs more than S$150,000. I sure hope the book smells good enough to warrant the hefty price tag.

Last but not least, kept me occupied for one full hour as I attempted to create my very own avatar. I just can’t say no to that. I love playing around with the facial features, the pink hair color, the cute accessories, the silly hand gestures, the OTT backgrounds and did i mention the pink hair color?

We come to realise that many bad things in life are irresistible. Seriously sometimes i don’t know which is the greater evil- seeing, resisting and pretending that resisting is something really easy or keeping it out of sight and hopefully out of mind because you know your will is weak. Oprah’s wise words were enlightening, but boy the last statement is the most frightening thing i have read for a long time.

I sure hope it isn’t gonna take me a ‘life-time’.


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