Ugly Behaviour..tsk.

I was irked by a series of bizarre and ugly behavior this morning.

Case 1: Was taking the escalator and was rushing down the flight of steps when I had to stop because of a huge obstacle- this boy, 15 or 16 at most, was sitting right in the middle of the escalator. Like huh? Doesn’t he know the meaning of peak hour morning rush? Doesn’t he know that he is blocking the way? Like huh? Why wasn’t he in school?

Case 2: Embarked on tackling the second escalator up to the mrt platform. The screen at the MRT gates, i last saw, read “1 Min”. As common courtesy would dictate, those who aren’t in a rush should logically stand on the left, leaving the right aisle for people who want to run up with all their might. We were all running up frantically when suddenly, everything halted. A young man just decided at whim that he wanted to stop while still on the right aisle. And nope, the train had not left. Er, is it a case of “If i don’t want to run, all of you can’t too!”?

Case 3: The train is quite a stable vehicle especially if you are not wearing heels. There is absolutely no need to press your entire body to the metal pole. Please spare a thought for those teetering in precarious stilettos. Like me.

But on the whole, today was great. Work was productive and i managed to read the papers thoroughly, something which i haven’t done in a while. I was quite disciplined (if i might say so myself:p)- so everything that ought to be done was completed. Food, i figured, had a great part to play in my good day. Had a yummy lunch (hamburger steak!) and met up with L for an enjoyable long overdue chat over dinner and coffee.

What with my voice nearly back in its full splendor, and my appetite back with a vengeance, it’s a wonderful start to December!


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