I just can’t figure this out

The spoilt princess has no problems affording apples. In fact, she’s so likeable that people in the market give her apples for free.

One day, she came across this apple she thought looked really delicious. She took one bite and was convinced that the apple was the best in the world. This time round however, no matter how hard she begged, or how much she was willing to pay, the old woman just refused to give up her precious apple. One bite was all the spoilt princess was gonna get.

The spoilt princess was naturally upset. She went on to purchase all the other apples in the market so that she would feel better and so that she could show the old woman that one stupid apple cannot match up to the abundance her wealth could buy.

Alas, the spoilt princess was still dissatisfied. She put up an Oscar-worthy display of glee at the number of apples in her kitchen but she was secretly dreaming and yearning for that  juicy apple in the old woman’s palm.

That’s exactly what i don’t understand. Why would the princess expend so much effort and emotions on that one apple? The old woman’s apple could be more appealing simply because it was forbidden fruit. For all we know, and which is likely to be the case, a few more bites could reveal the apple’s rotten, worm-infested core. Why doesn’t she spend time trying the other apples in the kitchen?

死心眼. The apple could suck, but when you can’t get it (and it is instead in the possession of an old poor lady), it suddenly turns absolutely desirable.


2 responses to “I just can’t figure this out

  1. haha any reason why u are writing this post? haha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    haha..er..trying out my ability to write cryptic fairy tales!!

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