What an adorable phenomenon!

Sometimes, the Americans and their celebrity obsession scare me. They let no one off, not even kids. The coverage received by offspring of the rich & famous is so extensive that i know Shiloh, Maddox, Sunday, Honor and Kingston by their first names.

In what i think is a rather ridiculous poll by Forbes.com, Suri Cruise, the daughter of couch-jumping Tom, was named Hollywood’s Hottest Tot. If you really need to know, she has beaten all of Brangelina’s babies. I mean, a hot tot? What does that mean? Hot & tot rhyme, but thats about all the connection i can see. But well, the little girl has websites dedicated to her, her hair, her sense of style (yes, you are reading it right. Suri dons designer garb and changes her hairstyle regularly), right from the time when she was in her mother’s womb (that was when everyone suspected that she was an alien baby) to when she first appeared in a magazine (that was when everyone thought she was Asian) and now, at 2, Suri is officially Hollywood’s most wanted toddler. She has come such a long way.

But i gotta admit it, she is very very adorable=)) I think she will grow up darn gorgeous. Her clothes and her hair already are :p

Totally unrelated to Suri is this lovely Jan 2009 Glamour magazine cover of the cleaned-up Britney (yes, in my line of work, i am paid to read magazines haha)

She looks beautiful- all toned, alluring & healthy. I am not a fan and she isn’t a role model for sure, but we, the early 1980s babies, practically spent our adolescent years with her. She was born in 1981, and when we were both 17, I studied very hard for my A’levels while occasionally listening to “Hit me baby one more time”. And ok, i do like some of her songs haha. You have got to give it to her- she is a top-selling artiste, was the One who single-handedly inspired a wave of singing sweethearts, has gotten married and divorced, given birth to two cuties, gone wacko, shaved her head and flashed her other shaved bits, and she is now back with another No. 1 album, looking mighty fine. What have i done? Oh well.

The album, Circus, ain’t half bad. In fact, it is pretty good. Circus and If You Seek Amy, are manufactured, synthesized pop at its best- catchy, fun and sexy. Click to view the mv of Circus, it’s cool=)


2 responses to “What an adorable phenomenon!

  1. Wah… hope my Erica looks like Suri.. but then again.. i m not Mrs Cruise haha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hahaa…i am sure Erica will look very adorable too!!
    I am looking forward to meeting her..in a couple of months time=))

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