It is itinerary, damn it!

Haha. This, really, is my little English pet peeve.

I squirm every time someone goes “iti-nary“. Today, while busy screaming, Voldemort-in-drag (she…really deserves a post of her own. I have even thought of a title for my soon-to-be-as-famous-as-Harry Potter literary work: Voldemort, Drag Dragon Queen Lost in Singapore.)

As she was very preoccupied lambasting all of us with a whole series of words-which-shall-not-be-repeated (in a nutshell, she thinks we lack class, style and well, class), she said, “And i haven’t even planned my I-T-I-N-A-R-Y!”.

I was lost from there, simply because i was too, preoccupied, not with her outburst, but with trying to stop myself from waving my stumpy fingers in the air while declaring pompously: “Wait a minute. It is …..i-t-i-n-e-r-a-ry…. darrling. Get the English right before flying into a silly rage! So unglam! Not stylish at all! Where is the class?!”

I am the least qualified person to comment on another’s pronounciation, considering that I have a permanent place in the English Boo Boo Hall of Shame. My esteemed position is a direct result of the famous OO-sher and the indirect result of my fyp mates publicizing the OO-sher every time there is a gathering (and nope, that is not something i will discuss further given that i do not enjoy humiliating myself on my own blog ), but when it comes to Voldemort, tsk tsk, the only thing you can do to protect your sanity is to mentally baricade yourself against her tirade by concentrating on her articulation.  

1.5 hours more, and I will be off to my girls’ night out!=)) Itinerary be damned!


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