Another Crazy Christmas

It is extremely enjoyable watching a bunch of extremely talented people coming together, doing what they like and do best and having a ball of a time in the process.  

Another Crazy Christmas was therefore the perfect start to my favourite festive season of the year=) I walked out of Suntec, a very happy girl, completely in the mood for receiving Christmas.

When Min and B told me about the musical, i wasn’t all that enthusiastic. I thought Another Crazy Christmas would be a preachy, boring affair. I went simply for 2 reasons- first, I haven’t watched a musical in a long while, and second, the tickets, at $19, were a steal (the cheapest ticket is actually $48, but ours was the preview:p).

The opening act further convinced me that I was in for a terrible Tuesday night. Sure, the cast read like the Who’s Who of local theatre- the Dim Sum Dollies (Pam Oei, Selena Tan, Emma Yong), Hossan Leong, Robin Goh, Lim Kay Siu, Neo Swee Lin, Petrina Kow, Michaela Therese and Sebastian Tan were all in attendance. The energy level however was appalling- there they were singing happy tunes and there I was, feeling about as energetic as a lazy, fat seal.

All that changed once the individual/pair/small group acts began. Lim Kay Siu and Neo Swee Lin performed a duet, a self-composed tune by Lim. They really aren’t good singers, but the melody was poignant, the lyrics were touching, and their affection for each other obvious for all to see. Accompanied by Lim’s gentle strumming of the guitar, i was somewhat moved to tears. I have loved Emma Yong since Cabaret (Yong was spectacular in Cabaret and she is a major reason why Cabaret is my favourite musical) and her delivery was soulful and pitch perfect. Michaela Therese was amazing- boy that girl can really work the ivories and her voice, wow. Nothing short of phenomenal.

Another Crazy Christmas was not all about touching stories and love songs though. There were laughs aplenty- Pam Oei displayed a great sense of comic timing in her little Mrs Santa skit, Sebastian Tan’s rendition of Jingle Bells was so darn silly and the Obama Girls segment featuring the Dimsum Trio was also a hoot. And there is Hossan Leong. The wiry man never fails to amaze me with his talent and boundless energy- he plays the piano beautifully, sings, does the darndest impersonations, dances, is witty and actually funny. I hated Dim Sum Dollies– I caught it once and that was it. The choreography was bad, the items weren’t well-rehearsed and the jokes about Singapore/maids/the government and what-not were so tired, i really couldn’t laugh. When Hossan Leong started cracking the typical lets-diss-Singapore jokes, i rolled my eyes. But by the time he was onto his third joke, i was convulsed with laughter. His crazy retro mambo jumbo dance steps were also hilarious.

The musical ended off on a very high note, with all and an adorable little girl Victoria, coming together for cheerful renditions of  Christmas songs. Guest perfomers, Vocaluptuous, also lent their lovely voices and everything was just aww saccharine blissful and happy. I was rather disappointed that there was no encore haha.

How gifted, how peaceful, how wonderful. Everything that Christmas is, and ought to be=)


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