The year which was 2008: Part 1 of 3

I’m a list-person and i enjoy reading lists of anything and everything. Needless to say, i love producing my very own long and trivial lists. So here goes, some of the things and people i have loved in 2008!

Top 3 Books

Competition is really not-so-stiff considering i have only read 9 this year haha

1) One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Part romance, part fantasy, part realism, part magical, part historical, all beautifully woven in one book chronicling the rise and fall of the Buendia family. Strangely moving, deeply intriguing.

2) The Kite Runner

3) Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov. Controversial taboo topic- a middle-aged man obsessed with young girls (in modern day context, a paedophile). The tale is dark, disturbing yet filled with wry, humorous observations. Nabokov’s writing is lovely- if you like words, this book will effectively plunge you into a state of ecstasy:p

Special mentions go to: first, Marley & Me, John Grogan. My latest conquest and the perfect Sunday read. Totally simple, totally sweet. I cried buckets. Second, Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. My first self-help book: a frivolous but perfect guidebook for women unfortunately enamored of jerks.

Worst Book of 2008: Tony Parson’s Man and Wife  I think Twilight might just usurp its position in 2009. I have yet to flip beyond 10 pages of my impulse buy- it is that bad . *Resolves to finish said book before condemning it and risking the wrath of legions of crazed fans.

Top 10 Movies (2008 was a year of good movies. I cannot, cannot restrict myself to just three! )

In no order of merit:

1) Painted Skin– for Zhou Xun, for Zhao Wei, and for that elusive, powerful thing called love.

2) Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona– summed it up best when i wrote ‘a wistful gem of a tragi-comedy, full of lust, passion and love’

3) The Dark Knight– for the brilliant Heath Ledger

4) Hellboy II- The Golden Army. Guillermo Del Toro proves that he can do no wrong in my books. I was completely immersed in the story.

5) Mad About English – Inspiring, heartwarming, funny and Singaporean-made.

6) The Orphanage– one hell of a Spanish horror film. Scared the wits out of me. Produced by Guillermo Del Toro. What else is there to say?

7) Juno- best indie movie of the year. For Ellen Page, if for nothing else.

8) Away from Her– moving, tragic, but never overtly melodramatic. Julie Christie was beautiful.

9) Dan In Real Life– Simple, amusing, heartwarming, yet somehow still believable. The stuff romantic comedies should be made of.

10) Black Book – Carice Von Houten in a stunning performance. And ok, i personally like war flicks lahz.

The i-dun-get-it film: Made of Honor. Yawn. Double Yawn. Deception. Huh? No Country for Old Men. This is embarassing. It is supposedly good. Very good. I thought the killer was very scary. Period.

Best Drama Series

1) Gossip Girl. I was hooked and i might just develop a crush on Blake Lively, no, her clothes.

2) Sex And The City– I finished the series this year. Carrie, as J says, is me with frizzy hair and manolo blahniks. We are not all that alike and I do not like cocktails. Not Cosmopolitan. At all.  But the whiny part, the neurotic part, the confused part, ah..that’s me, alright. keke.

3) Heart of Greed/溏心風暴- I haven’t been hooked on a HK dramas series in a long while. Linda Chung, Raymond Lo et all were memorable…and who can forget Da Da Tei and his hapless father?

4) 小娘惹 – I know some of the historical details are wrong. I know the evil characters are one-dimensional. But it has been a long time since I subscribed to cable tv that i am choosing a local production over a HK series. Little Nyonya is local melodrama at its best. Not crass, not loud, but just old-school good vs evil drama mama. Jeanette Aw is luminous and what with all the bad news in reality, you just want to go home, look at someone who is worse off than you can ever be (Yueniang /Juxiang /Yuzhu) and watch that someone beat the odds to survive. It is cathartic.

Worse Drama of the Year: To Grow with Love (am cheating a bit here but the series ended in 2008 haha) ( 

Special mentions go to: Sweet Relationship for being, well, very sweet=) and to the host of taiwanese variety shows. The crappier, the better haha. Lets not forget Galileo starring the dashing 福山雅治 who is a genius sleuth. There is still hope for Japanese Drama: )

Best Albums

1) Jason Mraz’s We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. do you hear me? i’m talking to you, across the water, across the deep blue ocean lalala~~

2) Jay Chou’s  魔杰座. I am obsessed la, okok. haha.

3) David Cook. Awesome=)

Special mentions go to: Circus, Britney . I don’t understand how she does it, even with the help of synthesizers.

There, if you have read until now….HAPPY NEW YEAR=)) I have more..many more lists haha..but that shall come later because i am running late!


4 responses to “The year which was 2008: Part 1 of 3

  1. i read lolita this/ last year, agree with your comments, i love nabokov’s use of language!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    hey there,
    glad u think the same way!
    happy 2009!

  3. Twilight is not so bad haha!
    anyway gurl, happy 2009!!

  4. aserendipitiouslife


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