The year which was 2008: Part 2 of 3

A tad delayed but in the spirit of 2009, i shall finish what i’ve started=) Yet another list: the people who made me remember (for good or bad reasons) their presence in 2008.

The Almighty Athletes

Athletes who impressed deserve extra mention cos’ yours truly has never been really interested in watching sports. 2008 was special because i actually sat in front of the gogglebox, mouth wide-open, in full awe, of the magnificent specimen which was Michael Phelps. 8 Olympic medals, all Gold, no less. My God. Like everyone else, the burning question in my head was: “Is he human?” The muscles, all rippling and powerful, were no less impressive.

The Singapore Table Tennis Women’s Team. They made Singaporeans feel that they were in The Olympics. I remember them firstly because teaching was impossible. My students were so distracted that they ran out of the classroom the moment the bell rang and ran straight to the TV monitors situated around the school, just to watch our Golden Girls play. It is in school, where the Olympic fever burned strongest. The passion of youths=)  Next, my cousins (also youths) came to my house to watch the women’s team in action. Even I, who was oblivious to the finals on TV and was happily surfing the net in the room, had to come out to see what all that screaming was for. And so yep, I watched the last half of the finals. And really, i was proud. It didn’t matter if they were born in China. They were Singapore-trained, they wore the Singaporean tee, and they played for Singapore. That counts for everything=)

The Politicians











One word: Obama. Haha. But seriously, i have always, always followed American elections. I love reading/watching their speeches, their debates, i love how the Americans are all involved and fired-up, and i love the air of excitement- it seems almost as if everything else is pushed aside so that the search for the next leader of the United States takes place smoothly. If Singapore elections can be half as exciting, i would be grateful. Tsk tsk. Talk about political apathy. Singaporeans are not politically apathetic, they just have nothing to be passionate about because seriously, our opposition parties suck. Their speeches suck. People who vote for them are just, i dunno, trying to be different. Give us good opposition parties, give opposition parties the chance to show what they can really do, bring in some competition, and voila! watch how we immediately become less apathetic. It is ironic: there are so many controls in place (some of which make plenty of sense) to curtail the political climate, our people are naturally more hesitant and more fearful of OB markers and the possibility of being charged under The Sedition Act, yet we are expected to be outspoken. It is hard to have your cake, and eat it.  

I digress. This year’s elections made me so excited I devoured coverage in Time and Newsweek with an almost fanatical zeal. Obama is pretty much very hot amazing. In this whole woe, gloom and doom, he brings, dare i say it, hope and optimism. He is the first African-American President of the States, but that isn’t nearly as significant as the fact that he made impossible possible. The other candidates were all in their own ways unique- Hilary Clinton, if elected, would have been the first female President, John McCain, for the fierce fight he put up…and for Sarah Palin.








Last but not least of the politicians, wannabe aspiring VP Sarah Palin. What made McCain choose her as running mate is bewildering. Still, Palin deserves a nod for her glasses, her beehive hairdo, her priceless Russia/Alaska comments and for bringing me, her very sexy & dead funny doppelganger Tina Fey.

The Help-I’ve-Fallen-From-Grace Troupe

1) Lehman Brothers. Mini-Bonds. Personal Bankers. Relationship Managers. Alan Greenspan, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, you get the drift.

3) Edison Chen, Gillian Chung and the array of hot babes (but Brazilian Waxes, they ought to be grateful)

4) Vivian Chow’s boyfriend (whose name i don’t know and can’t be bothered to know)

The Wedded

1) Carina Lau and Tony Leung. They made Bhutan famous.

2) Michelle Reis and not-too-ugly tycoon. Honestly, you have to give it to Michelle Reis, an aesthically perfect woman who knows she’s lovely and who has no qualms making use of her looks to get whatever she wants (usually wealth). Wives, beware- husbands will not, cannot resist her beauty.

The Condemned

1) The bastards behind the tragic Mumbai bombings

2) Josef Fritzl– a monster who raped and imprisoned his own daugher for 24 years. Deserves death, and nothing less.

The Bizarre

1) Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan (can’t decide who should win, really)

2) Vivian Chow and Boyfriend. They deserve each other in a way. I have no idea why Chow would want him and i have no idea why he would cheat on a woman who still is the dream girl of my male friends.

3) Kim Kardashian, occasional reality porn star, socialite, and BFF of Paris Hilton (or have they fallen out?), is the most googled personality of 2008. She won Obama. What’s bizarre is not her, but the people who googled Kim Kardashian. What’s there to know that we don’t already know? Her win is indeed a sign of our times- frivolous. Absolutely frivolous.














The Elfin Beauties

What they all have in common: a pretty pixie-face (i love women with elfish-sorta features), a small & bony frame, but a whole huge serving of spunk, sass and talent. I have seen Zhou Xun in at least 2 drama serials (all mainland productions), 5 films (out of which 2 were mainland productions), and despite my usual hatred of mainland productions, i have loved her in every role, and enjoyed nearly all the stuff she has acted in. I have loved Natalie Portman since she appeared in The Professional and I loved Closer *does not remember Star Wars and her terrible scenes with Hayden Christensen* and i love the fact that she is a Harvard graduate. How cool. Jeanette Aw, simply because she was terrific in Little Nyonya, and because she has real attitude. Ok, lots of love for these women!

The Hunks

1) Brad Pitt – i’ve loved you since i was 12. You were one of the reasons why i wanted to be a journalist at the age of 12. I’ve seen you change plenty of gfs, watched you improve in every film and darn, in the year 2008, you have, in addition to Shiloh, twins Knox and Vivienne. You are never going to leave her, are you???










2) Edward Cullen (Not Robert Pattinson). I swear Pattinson only looks good when he is Edward Cullen! Vampires have never looked better=)

3) Jay Chou. I don’t care. He is a hunk.

4) Moses Chan. He was so cool and adorable in 通天幹探; super dorky yet still adorable in 溏心風暴. I like his strapping frame and how he can be real macho yet aw-shucks cute and funny=)  

The Other Worthy Mentions

Melissa Theriau for being the hottest newscaster ever (K is right. You may not understand a word of French and you would still be able to sit throught an hour of French news), Patty Hou (for leaving the shadow of being Jay’s official ex-squeeze, for starring in my favourite idol drama of the year, for helming my favourite taiwanese talkshow of the year), Prince Harry (for growing up cuter than the other prince, for bravely being at the frontline of the Iraq War, for trying to move out of his brother’s shadow and the shadow of the vast royalty) and Kylie Minogue (pint-sized she might be, a coward she most definitely isn’t. For being an evergreen and for the brave battle against cancer).

Our Losses

1) Heath Ledger. He made the cheesiest lines in Ten Things I Hate About You romantic, he made “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” a sexy anthem, he brought Ennis’s vulnerability alive and he was The Joker.

2) Paul Newman– an exemplary figure both on and off-screen

The Irritants

1) Felicia Chin. I really cannot stand her. At all. I have never ever liked her. Her acting is ok, really. I just don’t like how she pretends to be sweet, cute and nice. Don’t ask me why i think so- it’s my instincts telling me haha. I don’t like how she suddenly reveals the deep, dark secret behind her name-change, how she suddenly reveals her intentions to donate chunks to charity (or has she donated?), how she suddenly reveals her black magic troubles and how she suddenly reveals her plans to produce an EP in the name of charity, all so sudden, all when Jeanette Aw’s star is shining. Ok, i am very childish haha.

2) Rui-en. She has this holier-than-thou attitude, and she tries too hard. Some people told me they were touched by her tell-all interview to Life! To me, it was just a publicity stunt designed to milk sympathy for all it’s worth. Also, i wasn’t impressed. I have always told my kiddos- blame who you are on your family background (referring specifically to parental quarrels, not cases of abuse and what not), only when you are below 15. After that, it is your choice. If you want your parents’ quarrels, divorce, cheating problems to affect who you are, and who you can be, it is your choice.

I hope to see less of them in 2009. *prays*


2 responses to “The year which was 2008: Part 2 of 3

  1. with everything listed out like that..2008 seem to be a year where many things happened man!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    2008 seems tumultuous,lots of deaths, tragedies, scandals and financial woes…

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