PMS. Ouch.

When I have PMS, every little thing gets on my nerves. Pardon me if i sound spoilt & childish & unsound 😦 A gal has got to release pent-up irritation when it is near the time of the month.

1) I ordered Mac to cheer myself up.  Mac is happy food. My order includes McChicken (is that how you spell it? ok i don’t care) without mayo but with cheese instead (i don’t take mayo. Mayo sucks! This is all J’s fault. At 14, she told me mayo was disgusting and i swore off it for the rest of my life. boo! ), Twister fries (i lurrrve this and i don’t understand why i get it only during CNY. boo hoo!), McFlurry and Iced Lemon Tea. I also specifically asked for 2 packets of Ketchup (I don’t like Mac chilli). God, i even explained that i don’t want any more than 2 because 2 is more than enough. You know, i love Mac delivery- prompt and nearly always accurate. To my horror, they gave me 5 packets of Ketchup. FIVE= i have to end up storing three in my fridge= the three end up in the bin three months later. The murderer of the 3 packets of Ketchup: usually my mother. After committing this inhumane act, mummy murderer murders her daughter by nagging her to death. I know this is how things will end. Alas, why FIVE packets of tomato sauce?!

2) Myolie Wu. I must commend Channel 8 here- Chen Han Wei is a darn good actor. Zhu Houren is too. Chen Li Ping as well. And as for little Nyonya, i must say that the 3 most under-rated performers are Cynthia Koh (hey, she is fantastic lar. Subtle and powerful), San Yow (Liu Yi Dao!) and Robert Zhang (see? i dun even know his name. I will call him robert zhang from now on). They all deserve awards. Switch to Channel 55 at 9pm and you get the irritating Myolie Wu who can’t act for nuts. You also get Liza Wang who…is in dire need of a better hairdo.

3) Nasty toilet habits at the office. Who says women have no problems aiming?

4) Coverage of Zhang Zi Yi sunbathing naked with that well-built and tanned Israeli investor who goes by the name of Vivi? Vivo? Vevo? ok, never mind. Talk about much ado over nothing. I really don’t see the big deal. She is sunbathing naked. So? She’s on holidays! She has a flat chest, so? She has got great abs and a perky ass- have you? she has a rich and kinda-cute boyfriend- have you? She can act, she has been in Hollywood films, she has won awards, she fronts Maybelline- and you? She has the determination to master English and i must say, her halting English is really not too bad. She has a pretty face- what have you? I am not particularly crazy about Zhang Zi Yi but darn, give her a break already.

Ok. I am grouchy!!!


2 responses to “PMS. Ouch.

  1. Haha wanwan… super funny.. I think the funniest one is your grouse over the ketchup.. hahaha… must u??? but then again, its the PMS season….

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    yan yan! i still have pms. I hope it will be over tomorrow. I am like grouchy with a capital G. But your comment made me laugh hahaha….

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