Pineapple tarts!!

I can’t really type now.

My fingers are dirty and my mouth is full of pineapple tarts. And yours truly, me, has FINISHED an entire (small) bottle of pineapple tarts from my favourite LAU CHONG KEE. Not Old Chang Kee, but LAU CHONG KEE, my favourite traditional confectionery situated just opposite Temasek JC.

I tell you, i am fussy when it comes to pineapple tarts. Pastry part too soft. Out. Too hard. Out. Pineapple filling too sour/too sweet/too hard. Out. And the only…only pineapple tarts that i will bestow 100 marks to- those from LAU CHONG KEE!! not too buttery, yet butter-fragrant, crisp, soft, perfectly flavoured pineapple filling…oh my my my…

If i sound woozy, thats cos i’m. I am not entirely well from my flu, i still have lots of pineapple tarts from other places and relatives to taste, i have A LOT of work to clear, i just finished work, and i think i gotta wake up at 5am to finish where i have left off if i do not want to be ripped apart tomorrow.



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