The day Glenn Ong grinned at me=)

And oh, what an amazingly radiant grin it was!

Forget this picture. It was the best I could find online, but his toothy grin is far cuter in real life.

After a 2+ km jog this evening, I went to NTUC to get a bottle of mineral water. I was happily queuing and chatting with H when I realised that Glenn Ong was just opposite me. He was paying at the counter next to mine. I wasn’t particularly impressed at first. I mean, I have always found him funny and I know he is married to Jamie Yeo (or is it Teo? I never can get this quite right) but that’s about it.

Up (rather) close and personal, Glenn Ong is somewhat attractive in a rugged, bad boy sense. He has tattoos, a Japanese-inspired hairdo complete with blond streaks, he is tanned, tall, and wears a pair of geeky tinted glasses. I poked H in the arm and whispered, “Glenn Ong”. H looked up, muttered, “Not bad what”, before going back to whatever he was preoccupied with in the first place. Meanwhile, I was staring at Glenn Ong unabashedly. For some reason, I had it in my head that he wouldn’t notice me staring. I was very wrong. He must have sensed someone gawking at him because he looked up all of a sudden, and tada! Our eyes met. I was caught off-guard and felt a tad flabbergasted. For some weird reason again, I didn’t look away immediately. It was then he flashed me this huge grin. It was such an impish and cheerful grin, I instinctively beamed back.

According to H, I blushed and my cheeks remained flushed five mins after being at the receiving end of Glenn Ong’s pearlies. Talk about oozing easy charm=) Consider me charmed.


4 responses to “The day Glenn Ong grinned at me=)

  1. i always thought he is quite cute! haha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    I have never found him cute until now! haha

  3. i saw Glenn the other day at Parkway too… he is so much better looking in real life haha…. yar.. he has a boyish kinda look

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    I saw him in Siglap!
    He must stay in the east..lucky jamie teo (or yeo!) :p

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