I was just randomly surfing the net when I came across these two paragraphs. Love is indeed a very strange concept. When you are in love with someone, a mere frown from him/her would make you upset. You would notice every little thing that person does and read into his or her every word or move. When you have fallen out of love,  you somehow cease to care. Even he or she was to wail, you would find it within your soul the strength to ignore the piteous cries and walk out.

I have seen this happening so many times, to myself, to my loved ones around me that I am a little afraid of that thing called L.O.V.E. The worst thing is how abruptly love can disappear. A 10-year relationship, a four-year marriage, whatever- they can all go poof! Gone overnight.

I am no longer an innocent 17-year-old nursing fantasies of an effortless, happily-ever-after relationship with Prince Charming. I have become very aware of how important it is to tread with caution, how fragile one’s heart can be, and how we must protect ourselves and not pour our entire being into someone else unless the other person proves him or herself to be worthy. Even then, there are no guarantees.

That said, I have always felt that to have loved passionately and to have had your heart broken beats not having loved at all.



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