And it’s happy news all round!~

This week has been blissful, so pardon me if there’re too many :)s, =)s, and !s :p Sharing good news amidst bad times is always, well, good!! =)

First up,hearty congrats to Yan, Wen and H!! Yan  has given birth to an adorable girl! I’m looking forward to meeting Erica!  Wen’s tying the knot=) Hen’s night will be a blast! And to H, you deserve the recognition=)

Second, i am published in the main=) I’m on news, i.e. what I write typically appears in the local section. The better the story, the bigger the space occupied and the closer it’ll be to the cover of that section. If the story is important, it goes to the main. It’s a fluke, i made a couple of mistakes but i got it in=)Pg (A8), today’s edition or And, my ‘psuedo-name’ has been ‘published’- The editor stumbled upon this blog and asked if i would like to help write. I’m not paid, but i like writing: ) It’s also a refreshing departure from serious issues.

Thirdly, after two weeks on the job, i am declaring that i like it 🙂 My stint in a firm by the name of B-*-S (it’s divine how the initials form bullshit!) made me feel, pardon me for being crude, like shit. For one, the tiny office suffocates me. Next, the big wig is pretentious, bitchy,snobbish, foul-tempered, unreasonable and crafty. Her useless sidekick is a good-for-nothing who would be, yes, nothing if not for the big wig. It is ok  to be useless, but so not-ok to be lazy and sneaky. He gets a kick out of pushing the blame to his subordinates whenever it’s convenient. What’s worse is that we can all see through his little moves cos’ he’s dumb. It irks me that we cannot do or say anything because the big wig will hear none of it. And, they love harping on integrity but judging from the way they insult others and from the way they secretly mark up prices to gain unfain profits, i might need to give them a lesson on the definition of integrity. The air in the office sizzles with negative energy and everyone is fearful, depressed and/or angry. The industry is pretentious, bitchy and shallow- making a mountain out of a molehill of self-proclaimed achievements, spinning lies to make shit smell good and frequent touching up of make-up are part of the jobscope.  I am generalizing but blame B-*-S for contributing to the stereotypes of this sector.  The only highlights were G, J and my adorable client.

 I only realised how glad I was to have left when G called me last night, blasting my eardrums full with furious complaints. I am also stunned by how angry I felt just a minute ago when i was typing about  B-*-S , which has this ability to make usually sane people hysterical. I have also been feeling good this past month- i’ve more or less let go of certain things and my high spirits show in my glowing skin (really! haha). I had wanted to devote an entry to B-*-S but it’s a waste of time. Good riddance! I now go to office with a spring (ok, maybe a weak spring hehe) in my feet, i’m stressed out but motivated and i’m paid to do what I love=)

Next, i’ve been bumping into people i like bumping into. Mandy, while drinking with the ah gals, Uu  & BY while i was interviewing a model agent who wanted my phone number in a bid to, i believe, get me to pay for portfolio packages and Lynn while I was at Novena=)

Lastly, i am grateful for supportive friends=) To H, for picking me up and for the delicious italian dinner so that  i could de-stress, to Z/c for accompanying me as i conducted interviews in pubs till late , to W for picking me up and buying me supper and drinks after a long day’s work. And there’s mum, who waited up for me-)




4 responses to “And it’s happy news all round!~

  1. Heya gurl! glad that u sound so happy though i laughed at ur desciptn of your previous co. hahaa.

  2. aserendipitiouslife is an accurate description!

  3. Thanks wanwan for mentioning me in the blog haha.. N CONGRATS for the story! Seldom read nowadays, but i will ask eric to look out for your byline n i will read every word!

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    Hee, of cos i will mention u! thanks gal!=)
    I see baby on fb!!

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