Places to eat at!

Espirito Santo Gourmet and Butchery @ Parkway Parade- The ambience was alright and I was rather intrigued by the educational posters which shed much insight into the anatomy of cows. Those posters kept me entertained while the guys yakked about some soccer match (or something else boring haha). The restaurant sells steak, beef patties, pork knuckles etc and is a dream place for carnivorous people. I thought the food was above-average. Portions were huge. That said, prices are a little on the high side and since I am not exactly big on steak, I don’t really think it is value for money.  Won’t be going there anytime soon unless my friends insist.

Canele Patisserie @ the basement of Raffles City- The glowing reviews…are all true! The service was go0d- waiters were polite and attentive. Ambience was surprisingly relaxing despite the crowd. The prices are at typical restaurant standards- two main courses and two desserts will probably set you back by close to $100. But man, the food is so good, I went back twice within the same month :p Try their sandwiches (Think those from Hediard Cafe but in bigger portions), their marinara seafood pasta and their absolutely mouthwatering desserts!! Below: a dream nutella-caramel concoction

 Kim Gary HK Restaurant @ VivoCity and Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ Novena Square I heart HK-style food lah. Kim Gary is every bit worth the long queue. Service standards and ambience are neglible, all I care is that the milk tea is smooth, the seaweed fries are crisp, tangy and savoury, and the curry baked rice steaming hot and fragrant. I don’t like their peanut butter french toast though- Xin Wang does it better.  Old Hong Kong Kitchen has a typical noisy Chinese restaurant setting. It is crowded so it is quite hard to get the attention of waitresses. This restaurant serves mains- porridge, noodles, fish/meat/veg  dishes basically. The food is quite good and very authentic. I visited the restaurant during the CNY season and there was this counter where a man (the boss?) wrote free couplets for diners. Sweet=) A nice place for family gatherings, i like the vibes.

 The must-try seaweed fries

Shukodu Restaurant @ basement of Raffles City– That’s the Japanese-style Marche. Prices are reasonable and cos’ i went there on a weekday, the place was quiet and peaceful. The food was surprisingly good!

 Scallop rice and pasta. Both were great=)

Etna Italian Restaurant @ Siglap- My new discovery. It should have been around for some time but I never did go in. Service is very good and I like the rustic decor. The crowd mainly consists of expats so I guess that says a lot about the authencity of the food? Anyway, their marinara seafood pasta for two ($48) and their pistachio tiramisu are to-die-for. Give the finger food a miss- they are quite pricey and very average. A meal comprising pasta, dessert and two glasses of red wine will cost slightly over a hundred. Back to their tiramisu- I do not like tiramisu. Too soft for my liking, i feel like I am eating whipped cream. But Etna’s tiramisu is soft and spongy and crisp at the same time. It is like a potent combination of good tiramisu, cheesecake, nuts and sponge cake. Awww..

 The food’s so good, i forgot all about taking pictures. Did a google search and got this photo. But yeah, that’s the very same pistachio tiramisu I was talking about. In fact, because I am partial to good italian food and red wine, and because Etna actually succeeded in making me like tiramisu, I am going to say that this is the best restaurant out of all the new ones I’ve tried this year :p

Last but not least, Togi Restaurant @ China Town– Korean food galore! It is really crowded and no reservations are accepted, so try to get there when the restaurant opens at 6 p.m. We arrived about 6.30 pm and the restaurant was already close to full capacity. If you like Korean food, i would recomment Togi. Food’s authentic and delicious, and prices are reasonably easy on the pocket. Thirty bucks or so, and you should be very full.


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