Meteor Garden/流星花園/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers

As a little girl (12?), my introduction into the world of manga was Hana Yori Dango. When I was in Secondary School,  I spent precious afternoons watching my favourite manga become three-dimensional, anime-form. Doumyoji (more popularly known as Dao Ming Si) formed my teenage perception of how my dream guy would be like- tall, devastatingly handsome, sporty, very rich, haughty, spoilt, demanding, oh-so-manly, and utterly devoted to me.

And yes, I watched the first drama-remake by Taiwan with a fanatic zeal. I was so crazy, I went to an autograph-signing session (my one and only ever) held in Heeren when the Taiwanese F4s hit town. I remembered Jen and  I waiting for our turns with anticipation, I remembered how I felt when I shook the palm of Jerry Yen and felt my heart nearly stop. In person, Jerry Yen is yes, devastatingly handsome and Zai Zai (Hua Ze Lei or Rui) is equally gorgeous. I can’t remember the other two, except that I thought Ken Zhu looked unpleasant.

And it was with the same zeal that I watched the Japanese remake last year, and I am currently, no prizes for guessing, following the Korean version. It scares me how i can watch the same plot four times- in animation, portrayed by Taiwanese, then Japanese, then Korean idols, and that’s after I’ve read the manga. If that doesn’t spell loser, i don’t what else does haha. But that’s what I am capable of. I cannot get enough of the plot, I will never fall out of love with Doumyoji, and I will always root for Makino (or Shan Cai). Meteor Garden is just the stuff girls and women dream of- a totally eligible man madly in love with you, and only with you even though you are just part of the hoi polloi. Throw in lots of little plot twists, interesting characters, some mama-drama and tears, plenty of romance, humor, jealousy and spunk, and you capture the hearts of suckers-for-love like me.

And my favourite version? The Koreans win, hands-down:p











Reason One: The cast’s physical attributes.

Presenting in order, the Koreans, the Taiwanese and the Japanese

There is no escaping looks when you are watching idol dramas. It is pretty clear (at least in my opinion) that the best-looking cast is Korean. I am amazed- it is difficult to beat the combined hotness of Jerry and Vic but trust me, Lee Min Ho as Doumyoji (Goo Jyun Pyo in Korean) and Kim Hyun Joong as Rui (Ji Ho in Korean) are even hotter. Wow. And whereas Mei Zuo (Vaness Wu), and Xi Men (Ken Zhu) were really nothing to shout about, the remaining members of the Korean F4 are also pretty boys! As for the female lead, Da S iwas sweet and quite pretty but so is Koo Hye Sun! In fact, Koo Hye Sun comes across cuter and livelier=). The Jap cast is not in the running- the female lead is rather plain and the male actors are really just ok.

Most importantly, the Korean cast really resembles the charcters in the manga.

Reason 2: Acting

It is a tough fight between the Koreans and the Japanese.  My vote goes to the Japs- and only because they were convincing despite the lack of real good-lookers. Da S and the veterans were probably the only ones exercising their acting chops for the Taiwanese remake.

Reason 3: Plot

All three are to a large extent, faithful to the original, which makes for great watching. The Japanese however, are as usual, subtle, and subtlety is typically lost on me. The Taiwanese version is great, just a tad melodramatic, but the Koreans nailed it just right. The Taiwanese version had the best kisses though- passionate and numerous, quality and quantity:) The Korean version had a good number of kisses, but they were the lets-plaster-our-lips-together sort. Kissing scenes were neglible for the Japanese version.

So if you just have time for one version, go Korean=) And if you are wondering which version’s the worst, my answer is there is no such thing as a worst version. I mean, how bad can Meteor Garden get?! There is just this little thing bugging me- whatever took the Japanese so long to remake Hana Yori Dango?

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11 responses to “Meteor Garden/流星花園/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers

  1. i tink the koreans look the best haha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Yay! haha

  3. Hi, i came across this review. I agree that the korean version is best, then the japanese.

  4. hey dear:)!

    i’ve just watched 1 and a half episodes of Boys Over Flowers. OMG. they are SO HOT. AHHH!!! hahaha. i only watched hana yori dango; gave meteor garden a miss because my friend said that the set was lousy and F4 looked more like paupers than princes in it.

    actually i really like the jap version for the female lead and hanazawa rui. the jap doumyoji was so, ugh, not eye candy. rare that i manage to get through an idol drama that had only 1 cute guy (rui). but i still enjoyed it loads.

    but after watching the first episode of boys over flowers, i’m so so so for the korean cast! super hot and cute la! but i prefer the jap female lead as opposed to the korean one.

    my internet’s really slow here.. hope i can watch the entire episode 2 soon :(.

    oh, and i won’t be back during my winter break in june. heard that all of you (cousins, aunts, uncles) met up recently for hokkien mee! jealouuusss. ahaha.

    hope life’s been good so far:)!

    hugs, your cousin

  5. aserendipitiouslife

    Hey dear!

    Reading your comment just makes me miss you=) I am largely fine and happy, save a couple of things that irritate me when i have pms haha..

    Oh on, and u will fall in LOVE with the korean F4s..i’m at ep 21 already! Catch up!!

    and take good care and whr u gg in June?

  6. ooo i’m currently at episode 4, and i’m already in love! *swoons* i’m weak against cute boys ;p.

    anyway i’m just staying in melbourne lor during june. cuz that will be a short break, of max 3 weeks i think. and my bf’s coming over (without my parents knowledge of course, so shhhh ;p) so yar lor. may or may not go for road trips with my friends, see how.

    all the best with everything yar? take care, and i miss you too. 🙂

    hui lin

  7. I prefer the Taiwanese version. :/

    I don’t like the Japanese version. >-> It’s weire because almost everyone likes that version.

    And I HATED the Korean version.

    Out of all the girls, I think Barbie Xu did better. =| Out of all the guys I think Jerry did better. x] It’s just Jerry’s manly vibe that makes him THE ONE TO FEAR.

    D: The other ones especially the Japanese one are like, “Bleh…I could beat YOU up, nerd.” It wasn’t much of an impact.

    The girl for the Korean version. >__> No. Her acting was horrible.

    In the end I think the Taiwanese was better, the Japanese came second, and the Korean was the worse. D:

  8. wow! i ‘m so happy that we share the same idea! lol. i must agree, for me, the BOF/Korean version nailed it! they’ve got the best F4 [not to mention the hottest F4 Leader ^^], they are the best among the 3 that represents F4- HOT, HANDSOME, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS and of course, FILTHY RICH! damn!

    well don’t get me wrong… i was a fan of Meteor Garden, an avid fan actually…^^ i was one of those millions of girls who got crazy over Meteor Garden fever… it’s like the world would literally stop if Meteor Garden starts to air in our tv screens. everybody was just hooked! thought MG was a low budget series [seriously guys, it was. ^^] but it was the first version, and considered by many as the original. So maybe that’s why Meteor Garden would still be number one. While the Japanese version? hmmm… I’ve watched the first few episodes but didn’t really finished the whole series ’cause to be pretty honest and frank, I WAS BORED and it didn’t looked that appealing to me. I mean, for a movie or series to be successful, of course they need good looking actors, and for me, the Japanese F4 which is supposedly the highlight of the story was just like plain,simple,average boys… they weren’t even hot nor cute [again, i’m sorry to the fans ^^] so i was extremely disappointed. That’s why when i heard that there was a korean version of Hana Yori Dango, i wasn’t really looking forward to it, cause basically i thought it still would be the same, for me, nothing would beat MG… but that was before, guess i was wrong. (: BOF took me by storm! the moment Goo Jun Pyo smiled, So Yi Jeong had that snirk on his face, when i saw Yoon Ji hoo’s angelic face and when i heard Song Woo Bin laughed… i felt like fainting! like literally FAINT! and then, it was just right then and there, i couldn’t get enough of them!

    and credits to the Korean-BOF, they’ve got supppeeer awesome cars! private jets, helicopters and not to mention super dupper sophisticated and classy outfits! love it! (:

  9. PS:
    I prefer Jun Pyo’s fiancee, Ha Jae Kyung that Geum Jan Di… i just can’t feel the spark and chemistry between them… infact i find it more entertaining whenever Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo are together, they could be a cute couple. Even if JK was the villain in their love story, i just couldn’t hate her, she’s just to lovable and above all that, she has attitude! work it girl! ^^ Besides, never liked JD’s character… she’s quite annoying^^. and i think JP has a crush on JK. (:

  10. aserendipitiouslife

    hey jacque i actually agree with u! i like JK too=) ok i like JD too..but i thought i felt the chemistry btw JK and the lead!

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