Well…angry post ahead.

It is the time of the month and I’ve spent the last three days feeling blue. Sometimes, i really dunno whether PMS truly exists or the concept is just something we women conjure so we can wallow in self-pity. All i know is that there are three days a month when every little thing seems to either make me feel like crying or pull out my hair in frustration.

To the nth old man who pushed me while trying to get into the crowded train and who pushed me while trying to get out of the train three days back, congratulations. You have the dubious honor of being in possession of the first armpit which has engulfed my senses with a pungent stench. I was half disgusted, half amused, i guess.

To you, stop boasting about your ‘achievements’. Stop ‘helping’ others only when it benefits you directly. This chap is everything wrong with our current education system- elitist and selfish. He’s from a certain top of the tops JC in S’pore and really, i hate to hold stereotypes, but  half the six people i know from that very JC behave in exactly the same way.  Seeing him makes me upset- it is a combination of feeling that life is unfair (especially to my kiddos), feeling worried about the type of life my child(ren) will go through in future and a deep sense of pity for him. On the flip side, he has made me closer to those who sit around him- we spent happy hours bitching about his latest antics. The bitching sessions made me feel bad though and we did wonder if we should tell him that he’s getting on our nerves.

To you, also from said JC, wake up your idea. This chap, in response to a comment that he was weak in Area A, said something along the lines of, ” I disagree. Well, I count myself lucky that I am proficient in all areas. I think I am fortunate in that sense, to be able to do everything. It is just that in the areas i am good in, I am REALLY VERY GOOD. Therefore, the areas where I am you know, just above average? Like Area A? That appears relatively weaker, but I am still above average.”  My friend, who posed the question, smiled and kept quiet. I pretended not to hear anything. I just concentrated on the strands of straggly nostril hair sticking out of his nose. He’s a buddhist and spent the day talking about his beliefs. Wonder if self-delusion and arrogance are part of the deal.

To the cab driver who nearly rammed the old lady down, i have noted your license plate number and I’m so gonna file a complaint at 9am.

A church called for donations and within 24 hours, church members raised $19 million. Great news, except the money goes to building their new premises. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, the money is for a nice building where they can congregate and worship, it is their own choice, but it is just that a charity drive lasting one whole month, raised , in comparison, peanuts of about $370,000. It is just quite sad. To give them the benefit of doubt, maybe they didn’t expect to raise this much. Maybe they will just use $100,00 for their building and give the rest to millions of hungry children.  I don’t see why lavish buildings with country club facilites must be built. Wouldn’t a clean, modest, comfortable church filled with loving and sincere believers do? I really hope that they will donate a good sum to worthy charities.

And lastly, you, out of all people, are the one contributing to 95% of whatever stress I feel. Betcha didn’t know that. I just can’t bring myself to tell you how I feel because I still have this last shred of respect for you. Haiz, we have no choice but to take it in at times.

Ok, this is a pmssy post. Just grouchy.


2 responses to “Well…angry post ahead.

  1. dun sian yar wanwan.. yanyan oso alot of angry frustrations… haha… think sometimes its how we see things.. always good to talk it out…

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    yup i guess so…yar, most of times i am alrite..
    but every once a month, wham! haaa..
    see ya and erica sun!!

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