I am utterly disgusted.

Former Philippine congressman, Romeo Jalosjos, has been allowed to walk out of prison after just 13 years. This fucked-up person raped an 11-year old ago and was convicted of child rape and six other counts of  molestation. His original jail term? 2 terms of 40 years.

However, dear Gloria Arroyo, with the blessings of the Bureau of Pardons and Parole, cut his sentence to 16 years, and then to 13 years based on “good behavior”. What you might also want to know is that this fucked-up person comes from a wealthy family who had supported Arroyo in her previous presidential campaign. You might also want to know that in his 13-year ‘jail stint’, the man had a treadmill, a color tv, stereo and a private kitchen. How fucked up.

I am really sorry for the liberal use of the f-word in this post but i am utterly disgusted. Is this some message to all wealthy paedophiles in the Philippines? You will be fine, rape and you might enjoy hotel-like facilities. And hey, don’t worry, you will be out in a jiffy.


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