Great drinks, food & company:)

I always always love it when i kickstart precious weekends right. And for today I did=)

Cabbed down to  the east in a mad frenzy cos’ there was last-minute work holding me back. With the heavy traffic, even at 8pm, and the meter ticking away excitedly, i felt half frustrated and half still very harried from rushing all the work. I took deep breaths and reminded myself to breathe- that’s it lahz, i am a very impatient person. Patient towards those younger, older, weaker than myself, but pretty much impatient towards all things else. That’s why i am always saying I belong to the city, to stress and to deadlines- anything that moves slowly for a prolonged period just irritates me:p

I arrived at the German restaurant, late but better than never. It was great with all 7 of us from the JC gang, gathering for food, gossip and lots of silly jokes. We adjourned to a lounge to chill out- cosy atmosphere and fantastic dessert, and it was with a certain fondness that we yakked about becoming uncles and aunties, and about knowing one another for 10 years. From 18 to 28, gang of 6 + gfs/bfs/hallmates/bestbuds who became part of the gang, and still having lots to talk and laugh about, despite having known each other for eons, and having just met up about two weeks ago.

Got home at 1205am to a peaceful and clean home. Blogging, bathing and then settling down to a new episode of Boys Over Flowers. The best company with the best buddies, delicious meals, a glass of red wine. Doing what I like most in a relaxing home, feeling all refreshed and clean. Aww, the simple joys of life=)

Cheers to a weekend!


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