Short takes

Jason Mraz’s concert was awesome! I am not the biggest fan, though i do like a couple of his songs, but that night, he was impressive. His concert was truly enjoyable because it was what a true concert should be about- a showcase of real vocal and musical talent, and seamless collaboration amongst people who enjoy making music because they are just so darn good at it. Nothing fancy- no fireworks, 1000 costume changes or nifty footworks. Just good songs, excellent re-arrangement of pieces, great playing of instruments, a solid (man, that guy can really sing. He sounds better live than in recordings) voice and loads of fun. And i don’t get the brickbats thrown at Joi Chua- she sang well, she was bland but she has always been, and who cares about what she was wearing as long as she didn’t killed ‘Lucky’?

He’s Not That Into You was a yawn lah. So much for trying to empower women. There were some saving graces- the story between Jennifer Connelly- a control freak and her cheating husband was sad but very realistic. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston were really really sweet although  Jennifer Aniston never seems to cease being Rachel. But that’s about it. Scarlett Jo was her usual beguiling nymphet self which was just a big bore. And Ginny (i don’t know what her real name is haha) got the man in the end. How ridiculous. She did everything she was not supposed to, and she still found her man. There’s a name for women like Ginny in the real world, and that is stalker. In reality, she should, just as the movie repeatedly reminds its audience, be avoided by all men like a plague. In the real world, she might need psychiatric treatment. But, nah, in the film, she got the guy in the end. This just contradicts everything the book was trying to teach and everything the movie was supposed to be about. The book makes sense (yes, i read it haha), the movie is just, crap.

Roman Polanski, Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams. How genius=)


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