Monday Blues…

Good times fly, cos’ you forget about counting minutes when you’re having fun=)

After a good start on Friday, the rest of the weekend zoomed past in a nice mix of rest and play. I slept till ten on Sat, ran some personal errands, and ahem, slept from three all the way to seven, just in time for dinner with the mother before hitting St James with the a-h-s babes. It was great, especially cos’ all 4 of us were in attendance- plenty of booze, laughter, hugs and random men trying to hit on us. But well, at least it made us feel young (they thought we were university undergrads haha)

Headed to yan’s place to see little Erica on Sunday! She was sleeping through all the noise lahz, so pity i didn’t get to see her in action haha. The rest of the Mac BF gals and the fyp mates couldn’t make it, but at least I had KC and LK around so I didn’t feel too lost amongst all the babies, toddlers, children and pregnant women. LK and KC were commenting that the guests were mostly with child or already had children. Haha. Stressed -_-” 

My dad gave me a call when i was still at Yan’s place.

D: Where are you?

Me: I am at a friend’s place. It’s her newborn’s first month celebration.

D: (sounding aghasted) What?! Your friend has a child? What are you doing? When are you having one?

Me: (calmly) Well, not for the moment at least.

D: Aiyo. My daughter…(at a loss for words)

Hahhaha…KC laughed when I told her. But well, honestly, i love kids but I’m not ready to have one yet.

Dinner was at Parkway- a very cosy chat over pre-dinner hot chocolate, strolling leisurely while getting what we needed and Katong Laksa. I came back home with two shopping bags lahz. Two really nice dresses, toiletries and an Ipod Shuffle=)

And as I am unwinding now, the thought of having to go to work tomorrow seems…i mean, i like my job, but it is still work. Shoo Monday Blues, Shoo!

Garfield knows exactly how i feel:(


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