Well, I’m feeling good!

I am in a cheery mood, which makes me want to hum, smile & whistle (which is unfortunately something I suck at:p).

Public transport to and from Braddell is frustrating. The aunties and ah-peks and ah-erms jostling like there is no tomorrow, kids and workers in pungent sweat-drenched tees, women talking so loudly on the phone and to their friends you would think they were deaf, darn, I can so go on. The only perks are that the MRT moves quickly – a trip to Braddell takes just 30 mins and the train, for some reason, is always seat-guaranteed from City Hall onwards.

But I’ve found the perfect solution, just $78, so small and adorable but packs a punch, and in the most bimbotic snazzy pick. Presenting the…….I-pod shuffle! Ok, i know this is like so not-hip already but I don’t usually spend money on extra technological products. The fact that I bought this darling means I have been driven to desperation

I have used the above treasure for just two days and gosh, I can’t stop gushing about its therapeutic effects. Thanks to this unassuming device and my top-notch collection of close to 1,000 songs, I am a changed woman. No more stern glares and hushed tsks from me- all you get is a happy lady bouncing to happy beats, tapping her fingers to great songs, while being totally oblivious to smelly armpits and high-pitched voices. Shiok ka ai xi!

Going home after a surprisingly pleasant and stress-free day to Mio TV is awesome! Yes, i have cancelled my starhub subscription!

Starhub: And madam, may I ask why you are asking for a termination?

Me: Because I switched to Mio TV.

Starhub: Oh

Me: And I want immediate cancellation

Again, shiok! I have never forgiven starhub since this: https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2008/03/19/i-miss-the-three-little-pigs/. The fact is also that their channels are getting boring and their prices, not competitive. I strongly recommend Mio TV especially if you are a SingTel subscriber. I was originally worried about technical screw-ups based on internet reviews, but just follow whatever the technician says, don’t try to be funny, and the whole thing works like a beautiful dream. Faster internet speed, a good sum saved, AzioTV unlimited, high quality, and lots of channels=))

Food played a huge role in my good day as well. Due to certain meetings, i have had free lunches these past two days in posh restaurants. And after a good workout, Ruffles Potato Chips in BBQ flavor (those golden salty ridges never fail to satisfy me), mum’s own home-concocted milo after I complained I haven’t had one in ages, and very yummy chocolate muffins from my aunt! I never understand why people diet cos’ good food makes me want to burst out laughing in glee:)

And I am touched by friends lahz. When you realise how truly and deeply some do care, you just feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for worrying that I am broke, thanks for helping me look out for stories, thanks for the phone call, and thanks for the lifts.

I don’t usually put my own pictures up without a password, partly because of my not-unfounded fears of kiddoes downloading my images for sometimes-sweet, sometimes ridiculous purposes. But since this is a happy day, lets just capture it! and hey, my job’s different now and my hair is like really long already=)


2 responses to “Well, I’m feeling good!

  1. Hahaa gurl, reading your post made me luff! dun be so petty haha.
    aniwae, glad that ur mood’s great and yeah, i remembered ur hair being shoulder-length!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Yeah..hair is longer..i just trimmed it again though:)
    yupz, am feeling good! meet up soon & enjoy the long wkend!

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