The weird, the nasty and the sad

The Weird:

I’m really bz…must we fix a particular date?

Erm..but i just want to know when u r free. Next week or the week after? Been a while!

Er..why nt just see hw things flow?

Ok..does tat mean we can meet spontaneously or u r simply not interested in seeing me again?

I don’t understand why some men don’t get it. It is ok if they are 18, not-ok if they’ve been legal for close to 15 years.  Either they’re thick-headed or they think they’re god’s gift to women and can’t phantom why women can’t drop everything to date them.

On a more amusing note, a 24-year-old asked me out. I felt like a cougar haha. Still, in J’s terms, at least I know I am still ‘desirable’. Not many years of that left, me thinks, cos it’s time to move on to another stage and..the more I meet, the more I think I know what I want=)

The Nasty:

Yesterday, a former colleague whom I met for a quick dinner said the following (more or less in his words):

Honestly I just want to say (bubble above my head [BAMH}: is he going to say something interesting?), thought u had a very nice ass (BAMH: yay..wait a minute…past tense?!) but i noticed ur ass seems fat now (BAMH: darn u).

Your skin..hor (BAMH: what now?!) looking good (BAMH: i know=) cos’ i’ve been making an effort this year to be less involved in sun-necessary activities. My skin is smooth and fair without make up! yay!)..but (ears prick up), you’re so pale you look scary. Maybe blusher would make you look better. (BAMH: f***).

To rub it in, his partner nodded in vigorous agreement. Ouch. Cannot be fair and fat meh?! 白白嫩嫩, gettit!? 

The Sad:

I’ve watched him grown old and feeble. A solitary figure, bent-over, blind with too much eye-white showing, a small and oddly egg-shaped head peppered grey, always armed with a walking stick, a bag of tissue packets and a friendly presence. Those who grew up in my area must have seen this man at least twice or thrice in their lives.

When i bumped into him again yesterday, I realised how much he aged. And as I bought my usual eight packets from him,  我 深 深感受到岁月果然不饶人.


2 responses to “The weird, the nasty and the sad

  1. I can’t believe that guy said that stuff to you! What a jerk!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Haha..I was a little taken aback. but i guess he meant well:)

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