When i heard what I heard

I felt strangely unhappy.

Not strangely unhappy, just that I didn’t expect to be so void of happy feelings. Not unhappy, but not happy.

I am usually so full of emotions that I get frightened when I don’t feel anything.

And the fact that I do not feel anything beyond a slight distaste, and perhaps a teeny weeny bit of resentment, disturbs me.

Are we sometimes not who we think we are?

Sometimes, i really think we live in a world of manufactured truths- You lie, I lie, we know we are all lying, but we cannot, must not, break the spell of lies simply because our fabrications are necessary to maintain our sanity and the order of things.


任性, 為何只是他和她的רÀû?


4 responses to “When i heard what I heard

  1. this is a very chim entry… i dun understand haha.. but i hope u feel happiness… not unhappiness…

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    i am feeling much better now=)
    just that someone said some stuff lahz, and it is pms-time, yes, another month has passed
    but thanks gal!
    hows erica? how u coping?

  3. erica poor sleeper leh.. nite times i always sleep deprived, but i m getting the hang of it haha.. just that panda eyes… i just want her to grow up faster! haha.. thanks gal

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    children grow up very quickly, then u will be complaining too haha..
    meet up soon!

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