17 again

17 again is just like its title- frivolous, totally easy to understand, with zero elements of surprise.

But well, i enjoyed it:)

Maybe it was my not-so-good mood, but the film made me laugh.

The premise is simple and dumb- Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) is a douche-bag. He’s fat, balding, was passed over for promotions, his wife is leaving him and his children don’t give a damn. In short, his life sucks. One day, he meets an old janitor who asked him a couple of weird questions. The next thing he knew, he was back in his glory- waking up looking how he looked when he was a 17-year-old (Zac Efron). 

It’s the kind of film with too many loopholes. How can Zac Efron grow up to become Matthew Perry? It’s…like me ageing gracefully to become Vivian Chow. Implausible even with 1,000 whitening products. How can his wife not recognize him? How is his daughter going to feel when she realises that she nearly made out with her dad? like Huh?

But somehow, rather miraculously, I was kinda first tickled, then charmed, then touched. Just try to go in with nil expectations, and I think you will come out quite pleasantly surprised- some jokes were genuinely funny, the show imparted nice, fuzzy-sweet messages, and while I still maintain my opinion that Efron looks like a stepford wife, he really was quite suave=)


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