Whats up with flashing your bits to the whole world?

Being a fan of trashy entertainment websites, i have realised that an alarming number of celebs enjoy “leaking” pictures of their naked selves.

This ain’t anything new but what used to be rather rare occurences (maybe twice a year) is now happening like twice a week.

The latest to join the bits-baring group: Cassie (who?) and Rihanna.

Bare vulvas aren’t a pretty sight, so why is everyone doing it? Will flashing tits and what-have-you really going to up your status/fame/cash?

I hate sounding like a prude but whatever these young celebs have to say about them not being role models- that’s just a helluva lot of crap. Whether they like it or not, they exert fair influence on their crazed fans. At the rate we are going, in 2020, the entire human race is gonna walk around naked, legs spread-eagled, with a small beauty mirror cum camera attached between our thighs.



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