I am impressed, I really am- Part One.

Had the opportunity to meet up with some truly inspiring people during some of my rounds. I’m rarely impressed- i appreciate good looks, admire success and brains, and enjoy watching the wealthy flaunt their wealth, but impressed?Hardly. So meeting J was a refreshing and humbling experience, and I was, yes, very much impressed.

J’s intelligent, talented, pretty, poised, and well-off. In other words, the girl has it all. But all of us agree she doesnt act like she knows she has it all. She has no airs, is extremely and consistently nice, and there is zero awkwardness.

I don’t really know how to describe it but many extremely good-looking/rich women have an air. It could be an air of discomfort (almost as if they are ashamed of their wealth and beauty or by your lack thereof), or most of the time, an air of superiority (they don’t so much as say anything nasty, but you can just feel they believe and know they are very blessed, and worse still, can’t wait to broadcast that startling bit of knowledge to all and sundry). Some are show-offs, while others do not know or care for anything beyond themselves and their little circle ( i remembered speaking to a socialite who was trying to impress us with some historical facts She got it all wrong -_-“).

But J’s different. I can’t help liking her. She recognizes, accepts and is at home with her privileges but she doesn’t see the need to remind you ever so often of her status. She understands her popularity with the opposite sex, but is nonchalant because she knows the reality of how much of that is attributed to her looks, a fleeting commodity. In her own, which are in her words “very insignificant” ways, she tries to make the world a better place. She works hard because she treasures what she has been bestowed with, not just for herself, but for others. Her success is really hers. She doesn’t name-drop and most importantly, she doesn’t boast.

Having met quite a bit of the intelligent, wealthy and beautiful over the past three months, I can safely say they are experts at subtle boasting. They can direct ALL conversation topics back to themselves and ever so often, insert their ‘achievements’.  Many enjoy PR-ing, but they are really bad at it.

Some samples:

In a conversation about the stressful education system- “I really don’t understand why kids find it so stressful nowadays. i was looking at my own report books a couple of days ago, and my results were good, I did well in my cca, and all my teachers said I was a dream. School was really good for me. Well, I don’t really know why, but I guess I am just smarter than the average kid.” — My dear, i hate to burst your bubble, but you probably had much more tuition than the average kid.

In a conversation about beauty pageants- “The really beautiful do not join such pageants. I was approached a couple of times, i rejected it. *Giggles* I don’t really know why they approach me, but oh well~~” –That’s really because you are the belle of the world, darling.

In a conversation about how rapidly things progress- oh my god, going down the memory lane is when the boasting kicks off big-time: all their past glories, their fantastic performance in exams, on the tracks, them being like the smartest, or being the 校花校草. Yawn..it’s all in the past, honey.

While it is true that some are really intelligent and successful (i’m sorry but some of them are big-time bimbos), the way they communicate makes us, the hoi polloi, feel sorry for them. That amount of self-praising/highlighting just reeks of insecurity. It is also embarassing when you are the only person who thinks you are god’s gift to mankind.

So J, one up to you for demonstrating true graciousness and privilege. I learnt, was humbled and was inspired=)


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