So I turned 28 : )

And it always feels good receiving  birthday calls, sms-es, emails and facebook notifications.

A big thank-you to mum, the primary school mates, the ahs babes, the jc gang, the uni clique, former colleagues and all others who remember. Much appreciated, really.

A small incident happened, and a good male friend Z advised: “Don’t bother to explain. He just wants to ask you out. Just tell him you’re attached and see how he will stop talking to you.”

That’s something I never quite get.

I hate to think the same way Z does, but experience tells me truly platonic close male friends are hard to find, and I can only count two on my side- they call me regularly, as often as some of my girlfriends do, whether I am single, attached, or a pain in the ass.

Compared to previous years, I received much more  birthday sms-es from the opposite sex last week. And this always happens when I am not attached. It is like a program in their heads: remember 56 only when party is without a boyfriend.

But whatever. I’m still grateful=)

 To K, thanks for the birthday treat and the many wishes. To Ly, thanks also for the birthday treat and for bothering to pick me up from my place when you stay in the north to head to town. Ditto to W for the gifts and the detour to send me home. It was the first time I sat in a SLK coupe btw. Suaku i know, haha.

Still, i think i like that birthday surprise from the one who knows me best the most.

As a birthday present to myself, I permed my hair again. Most of my galfriends say i look better with permed hair. Men beg to differ. But still, i figured it is now again or never. Curly locks tend to add years, and i think i should do it while people still think I look like an undergraduate.

One year older, a lot more wiser.


2 responses to “So I turned 28 : )

  1. yeap, and we shall meet up soon for an overdue birthdsy dinner!
    i think u looked good with ur permed hair too=p

  2. aserendipitiouslife is still looking a little mumsy- but will grow out soon *cross fingers*

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