And since I’m in Seth/Summer mode,

here are you-tube links. The quality isn’t great, but the scenes are=) Click  these videos if you’re in the mood for some love and more links to Seth & Summer.

Seth has had a crush on Summer since third grade. He’s a geek into comic books while Summer is the popular babe/bimbo.  After years of crushing his feelings, Summer finally fell for Seth but insisted on keeping their relationship a secret. Here’s them coming out of the closet. 

Seth teaching Summer how to draw. Undeniable chemistry.

The proposal in Season 4:)

So you see, they are just so good together, I feel weird when I see Hayden Christensen with Rachel Bilson. Both guys are cute, but whereas I think Adam and Rachel somehow fit, i’m just a teeny weeny bit weirded-out by Hayden. I know my opinion doesn’t count, but well=)

Judge for yourself!




2 responses to “And since I’m in Seth/Summer mode,

  1. Haha, i think both couples have different appeal- hayden is sexier, mysterious..adam brody is cuter, more boyish.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Maybe I’m biased cos’ i really liked them in OC=)
    And i watched star wars..he was really kinda stiff.

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