Lazy Sundays, I like

It has been a hectic, and rather stressful week. Almost thought I was going to be down with the flu, but think I am spared this time round:)

Work has been challenging, but I w’d say so far so good on the whole. Given that I’ve pretty nice bosses, and I’m learning something new everyday, I’m counting myself lucky.

The gals and I went to Luna on Saturday. Contrary to what I’d thought- that listening to chinese live music will be strange, I kinda enjoyed the experience. I still prefer live English pop/rock bands, but going Chinese once in a while is  a good change.

It’s gonna be a long week of work ahead. Wish me luck.  And yeah, it has been a long time since I am home the whole day on Sunday, doing nothing but watching drama series online, blogging, catching up with housework and eating home-cooked food. Shiok.


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