X-Men Origins: Wolverine


The above is the most precise summation of the film I can come up with.  I am sorry to all detractors of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I enjoyed the film and sat through it, heart-in-my-mouth (which explains why I found my mouth wide open when the ending credits rolled), completely immersed in the mutant fantasy.

The movie began with James, a sickly child, and Victor, a surly teenager. One night, James realised that the man whom he has called Father all this while was actually not his dad and that he had used claws which suddenly grew out of his knuckles to kill his real father. James ran away, Victor in tow. We are brothers who will look out for each other, Victor said as they escaped.

The pair grew up, powerful, strong and immune to bullets. James, now named Logan and Victor spent years fighting in wars. After surviving a firing squad with no injuries save a tickling sensation, they were recruited to be part of a special mutant team.

But there was more to this elite team-its members had to capture their fellow comrades so that scientific experiments can be carried out to build an invincible mutant. In a plot of betrayal, hatred and revenge, Logan fell in love with a beautiful brunette Kayla, became Wolverine, complete with an indestructible body, foiled evil plans, saved a young Cyclops and lost his memory.

Phew! That’s a lot of things happening in one film, and therein lies my only quibble: The movie is too fast-paced.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine could have been broken up into five movies, with each installment providing an in-depth understanding into a different time frame of his life.  I would have loved to see more of Wolverine as a child (i thought the child actors were great) and to know more about his family. It wouldn’t hurt to find out more about Kayla as well.

Still,  i was awe-struck  by the special effects and very entertained. Don’t go in as a hardcore fan expecting every area to be covered thoroughly and you should be reasonably impressed.

Hugh Jackman, as usual, was outstanding as Wolverine- muscular, taut, hot and tortured. Liev Schreiber nearly stole the show as Victor (or Sabretooth) in all his animalistic and sadistic glory. Just watching the two exchange fearsome glares, heated words and sharp claws made the film worthwhile. The rest of the cast was refreshing (will.I.am from Black Eye Peas and Korean hunk Daniel  Henney played mutants) and there was sizzling chemistry between Jackman and Lynn Collins (Kayla). Their romance was touching, doomed and yet a very integral part of Wolverine’s character development in the rest of the X-Men series.

Well, this ain’t too bad for starters, really- all touch-and-go plot packed with action. I am still holding out for Wolverine: The Child, Wolverine: The Angry Adolescent, Wolverine: His Years in War, Wolverine in Love, and ok, you get the drift.


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