敗犬女王/Defeated Queen/My Queen

I’ve fallen for this drama, hook, line & sinker. It came as a surprise- i’ve known about My Queen for some time but I just wasn’t keen.

The lead actor Ethan Ruan, even in his star-making role in the wildly popular Fated to Love You (of which I caught 10 eps at most),  wasn’t someone I had the hots for. The female lead Cheryl Yang was err..Cheryl…who? 

I do not usually like Taiwanese idol dramas- I’ve seen so many but the only ones I completed and truly enjoyed were Meteor Garden (and it is only cos’ anything to do with Meteor Garden, I like hehe. https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/meteor-garden%e6%b5%81%e6%98%9f%e8%8a%b1%e5%9c%92hana-yori-dango/), Mars (the chemistry between Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu, the dark storyline and the disturbingly powerful soundtrack), Iswak (it was so faithful to the manga, even the cast looked like they walked straight out of the comic https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/iswakit-started-with-a-kiss/) and Sweet Relationship (https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/%e7%be%8e%e5%91%b3%e9%97%9c%e4%bf%82sweet-relationship/)

But now,  it looks like 敗犬女王 is the fifth entry to my ahem, highly selective list of recommended Taiwanese dramas=)

A summary

Shan Wu Shuang (Cheryl Yang) is a 敗犬, a phrase used to describe women who’re above marriageable age, who possess intelligence, a successful career and money but unfortunately not love, nor life. As a hard-nosed  33-year-old reporter, she is driven, sometimes unscrupulous and completely enslaved to her career. Due to a series of unfortunate but amusing events, she ends up meeting, working with, and then staying together with Lucas (Ethan Ruan), a 25-year-old with no proper job to speak of.  And well, love and a whole lot of complexities develop as the two try to figure out their feelings and deal with the struggles of a 姐弟恋. All hail the cougar.


One word. Excellent. Cheryl Yang or 楊謹華 is so good, I think I’ve developed what can only be called a girl-crush on her. I’ve never really noticed her- i just thought she looks rather cold and has a very sharp nose. But in My Queen, she is really beautiful- big eyes that can emote anger, sorrow, determination, happiness and even girlishness, and yes, that nose, full sexy lips, a great smile, luminous skin and her body is sexxxy. She looks like a hot mixture of Sammi Cheng, Jeanette Aw, Qi Qi and Guan Yong He. Ok, I am going ga-ga. As Shan Wu Shuang, Chery Yang makes you irritated when she acts all pompous and unreasonable, feel sad when you realise how vulnerable and insecure she actually is, feel happy when she is in love, feel proud when she stands up to nonsense and injustice- in other words, you just feel her. Cheryl Yang, you rock!

Ethan Ruan is just blawdy adorable although he isn’t conventionally handsome. As one character in My Queen noted, he does have tadpole eyes, but he is just soo cute. And he is sexy, love-lorn and has the best lines, what’s there not to love? 🙂

While the two leads get all drama-mama and hot-&-heavy, the rest of the cast provided excellent comic relief: Wu Shuang’s colleagues at I-Found magazine, her crazy mother and her equally crazy boyfriend, Lucas’s friend JJ- they were all hilarious. Special mention goes to Wen Sheng Hao (whom I have never seen before this drama) as Wu Shuang’s devoted former boyfriend.

Why I am glued to the screen

Other than the cast, I liked the drama because:

– it has really nice classic gems of wisdom. The lines are just, i don’t know, very apt and very true.

– Nice theme song by Fish Leong and a soundtrack that just fits the drama

– Good pace, not over-melodramatic

– Chemistry and sexual tension between the leads:  whether squabbling, fighting, laughing, drinking together, having sex, kissing (and there were so many deep-throated ones), weeping, acting lovey-dovey, the two were just, for lack of a better word, power. I’ve not seen such chemistry in a while, not since Vic and Barbie in Mars.  To put it plainly, the two actually made me wish (ok just that little bit) that I had a bf 8 years younger, and honestly, after this drama, I kinda feel that it is ok to date a younger guy. I even kinda hope that Cheryl and Ethan would get it on in real life haha.

– The two male leads: Wen Sheng Hao as Song Yun Hao put up a praise-worthy fight. At certain points in time, i found myself rooting for him and hoping for him to be with Wu Shuang instead, that was how likeable he was, and how apparent his chemistry with Cheryl Yang was ( I tell you, she is awesome. She can probably make an inanimate object look in love with her). In the end, Ethan’s cute factor, his sincerity and his sweet nothings won me over. It was still a fairly even match though- Ethan and Cheryl’s chemistry belonged to the sizzling sort, her pairing wih Wen Sheng Hao was just very comfy-compatible. It is like comparing the chemistry between two stages in a relationship- the early, mushy and heady  lets- jump-into-bed  period and the very mature-i can just fart in front of you- lets just chill and watch tv period.

– And did i mention Cheryl Yang? haha..I am six years younger than her screen age of 33, but i empathise, really. Especially maybe cos’ I am turning into a desperate hard-nosed reporter haha.

What could be better

I heart Ethan Ruan but his acting can come across raw. Still, he is, as my younger intern would say, totally lovable.  The weakest link was Han Jia Jia, who nurses a crush on Ethan’s character. She can’t act. I also don’t like how not-subtle some parts can be- the director seemed to want to vocalise all thoughts running through the minds of the characters, it is almost as if she cannot trust her cast to act, and her audience to think.

Photos I googled

So pretty!

So geeky-cute!


Lucas’s silly bike and helmet

Lucas, Shan Wu Shang, Song Yun Hao.

The Lines.

這個城市有規定出來混的,都一定要兩個人嗎?我一個人也可以過的很好,因為我是女王– 單無雙

難道女人的勝負,真的必須取決於男人,再不怎樣的女人,有了男人就是抬頭挺胸的勝犬,沒有男人就必須垂頭喪氣,乖乖貼上敗犬的標籤嗎?BULL SHIT– 單無雙

世界上人都在追逐愛情,可是愛情就跟北極熊一樣,隔著鏡頭覺得牠很可愛,實際靠近牠被牠狠狠踩過一腳,就知道什麼叫做痛到想死– 單無雙
二十三歲的女人哭是真性情,三十三歲的女人在大街上哭,可能會被警察帶回去調查精神狀況啊– 單無雙
10幾20歲妳喊痛人家會覺得妳好可愛,30歲喊痛人家會叫你去吃大便– 單無雙
對那種沒有希望的等待,那種感覺我真的很清楚 — 單無雙
男人就像看到蜜蜂看到花一樣,黏上去,像我這麼美麗又堅強的女子,男人就像看到虎頭蜂一樣,一個一個躲 — 單無雙
勇氣不是天生的,是一點一滴累積成的– 單無雙

因為你值得,你值得被真心對待– 盧卡斯 (awww)

怎樣 差八歲就不行嗎? 可以啊 差八歲從來都不是我的問題 
我覺得 談戀愛不要太執著 有些人永遠都不會再回來了–盧卡斯
認清鱉女讓男人敬而遠之的五項可怕本質,太強悍、太疏離、太自我、太愛工作、嘴巴太壞– 盧卡斯

沒有生活、沒有朋友,像妳這種態度,偏偏工作上有很多人,等著妳跌倒吧!– 盧卡斯

Just go to You-Tube, type 敗犬女王 or Defeated Queenor My Queen and you will get all the episodes. 

Click to watch opening credits and listen to the theme song by Fish Leong: 沒有如果 

And so..

My parting shots are yeah, just watch:)



13 responses to “敗犬女王/Defeated Queen/My Queen

  1. Hi, i’ve been reading some of ur reviews and i like them=0
    I watched The Queen and it was realli the best i’ve watched so far!!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    glad u like it too:=)

  3. I so love My Queen too! And this is one of my, if not my most, favorite Taiwanese drama ever! I started watching because of Ethan but I continued watching because of Cheryl. I love her!!! She was so good, and I hope she gets a new series soon.

    And the way you reviewed it, I feel EXACTLY the same. Word for word. It’s uncanny how you were able to capture so much of how I feel about the series!

    So please continue reviewing.. I’ll check out those you recommend since we kind of think alike 😉 You rock! 🙂

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    haha thanks for that 🙂
    glad to know great minds think alike!

  5. Hi I found your blog when i got hooked onto the show and googled for it, haha..Your review’s very good. Not just your very good english, you’ve articulated very succinctly a lot of the emotions the show evoked in me.

    As a guy I didn’t really care much for taiwan dramas, but like u said, the cast, the storyline, the chemistry..Everything about the show is good. Maybe it’s melodramatic at times, but the sum of its whole is definitely greater than its parts. 重点是, it stirred up a lot of emotions in me. 伤心, 高兴, 感动..What the characters felt, I felt as well..I seldom felt like they were acting, and my heart went out for Wu Shuang whenever she got heartbroken.

    I like how you’ve compiled some of your fav quotes; here’s one I like a lot as well;

    八横过来看也可以是无限大啊。为什么你那么肯定我们之间一定只能有八岁的距离, 而不是无限大的可能? ~盧卡斯

    Not just our love life, but how we live life itself is shaped by our perspective..Change our perspective and everything changes..

    Keep up your good reviews! =)

  6. aserendipitiouslife

    Hi Jim, great to see a guy hooked! I love that quote too=) And thanks for dropping by:)

  7. Pingback: Here’s to 2010, happy new year everybody!:) «

  8. I don’t watch dramas cos I find them melodramatic and a waste of time… I find Taiwanese dramas silly and sometimes a insult of one’s intelligence.. I never ever chase any drama series….

    UNTIL I chanced on this drama! I have to admit you are right the script is fantastic and the lines of wisdom makes it much deeper than just a guy fall in love with girl story. And yes Cheryl brought the character of Shan Wu Shuang out so well… damn u find yourself falling in love with that character!

  9. aserendipitiouslife

    Yeah she is really pretty!!! 🙂

  10. This is the first time i watched a series that made me cry and im usually a strong girl that doesn’t cry. Surprisingly i felt alot for the characters which no other drama ever managed to make me feel.

    Ethan is my dream bf ❤ and Cheryl strength in facing situations make me feel envious.

  11. Is it alright to place part of this on my blog if I submit a reference to this site?

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